Psalm 121

One of the best Christian groups – setting the Psalms to music, therefore no need for concern about questionable lyrics.

I wasn’t sure which Psalm to highlight – I chose this one because it was the last one I heard this morning. I love the short accordion introduction.

102 Years Ago Today

After almost two thousand years of the Promised Land being ruled over by a variety of invaders, the previous centuries by the Islamic Ottoman Empire, the events on this day 1917 were a foundational part of the process leading to the return of the Land to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The defeat of the Ottoman Turks at Beersheba gave momentum leading to further victories in Palestine, effectively bring to an end centuries of Islamic rule over the land and making it possible for a return to Jewish rule three decades later.

That return brings political reality in line with Bible prophecy, in which the Promised Land has Jewish rule, against which the nations of the earth will gather. Something that had become impossible or at least improbable until the mid 20th century.

ANOINTED: With What and For what?

Considering the reference to “Prophetic Anointing” in my previous post, I thought it was worth revisiting this post related to an old study and article of mine, on the issue of “anointing”.

Onesimus Files

Below are two (unedited) articles I wrote over four years ago.
I wrote them to address the problems I saw associated with the use of the terms “anointing” and “anointed” by many Pentecostal/Charismatic believers.

Article 1

Considering the great emphasis and prominence being given to “anointing” in charismanic circles today, I had look at all of the NT references to “anointing” or “being anointed” to see how current beliefs and practices align with scripture.

Consider these questions as you read the list.

Do any of the very FEW New Testament references to believers being anointed resemble the MANY references of anointing being thrown around today? Does it seem like the NT gives as much prominence to “anointing” as the present church is giving?

Do these references even indicate that there is any additional anointing to receive than the one we already have?

Do any of these references indicate that some…

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Without going into detail at this stage, I need to mention that I’ve recently been the target of a vicious personal attack that I can only see as satanically inspired.
Part of it came in the form of an email from a one time close friend who announced a “prophetic judgement” upon me.

He reminded me of how “God” had punished several other people who had disagreed with some of his (extreme) teachings. According to him, the only ones to escape God’s punishment so far have been myself and a “co-conspirator” friend of mine.
The clear message he gave was that God was now going to punish us too, for allegedly denigrating the gift of tongues.

The reality is, neither I or my friend have ever denigrated tongues. We are both firm believers in the gift’s on-going validity and have always made that clear. We just don’t have the same extreme beliefs about the gift as the former friend has.

In the email he writes of a having a “prophetic anointing”, and that “God will act in terrible judgment” against me and my “co-conspirator” because of our alleged “massive attack against [his] tongues-teaching”.

The man will probably be well-known to those who have known me for some time, especially those who have been involved on the same Christian forums as I was.

And Even More


Red “pigface”

DSCF2416A David Austin rose – ether Winchester Cathedral or Glamis Castle. We had both varieties but lost one of them. I don’t recall which survived and which didn’t.


A ‘carpet’ of thyme, a low growing variety of the herb that I like to use as a ground cover.

More From the Garden

zio daisy

Zion Daisy


“Aunty Irma’s” Geranium

A geranium grown from a cutting we were given by Gloria’s aunt a few years ago.

This is standard rose, but I Can’t remember the name of it. At the moment it’s perhaps the best it’s ever been.


Dianthus are one of the most reliable flowering plants in our garden, coming back year after year in early spring and surviving through to the end of autumn.