9 thoughts on “The Roots of Evangelicals’ Political Fervor

  1. The relentless drumbeat of claims against Trump–combined with the clear moral declarations of the past–have caused millions of Americans to look at their evangelical fellow citizens and ask, simply: Why? Why have you abandoned your previous commitment to political character to embrace Donald Trump?…

    …Part of the explanation is undeniably basic partisanship and ambition. White evangelicals are largely Republican, and they’re generally going to vote for Republicans. And proximity to power has always had its attractions for religious charlatans of all stripes. But I’d suggest the real reason for the breadth and depth of evangelical support is deeper and–perversely–even more destructive to its religious witness.

    That reason is fear.


  2. Wow, this really was a Eureka moment for me. It pulled together all the strings that had been there since 2015 and gave a history of the movement towards ‘co-rulership with Christ’ and world transformation instead of preaching the gospel to a fallen world. When the Church – as he says – “came out of the closet” it didn’t realise the coming events of the endtimes could not and would not be turned aside for their arrogant belief in their own power to save mankind from increasing sin. instead, it’s become a mockery and brought the name of Jesus Christ into disrepute for pinning their hopes on another “chosen one” instead of the Lord.


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  4. Thanks Tricia, especially for your new article.
    I’ve reblogged it and hope followers of this blog will take the time to click on the link to your site and read the complete article.

  5. I’ll admit I was deceived to vote for Reagan once.

    His anarcho- and counter-Biblical applause-line in his first inaugural speech (“Government is the PROBLEM !”) was the deal-breaker for me.

    Looking back now, I’d say “Christian Conservatism” showed its hyphenated-hypocrisy from its start. With a clear choice between a Christian (Jimmy Carter) and a conservative (Reagan), it deliberately drove its followers to the conservative.

  6. A bit of precautionary (or postcautionary) clarification just in case: in the video, John Fea, Professor of History, Messiah College, lamented (demonstrating alarmism as to) desegregation in the above quotation prefaced by these words [additional quoting of the same man reflecting as to said movement(s) which, I’d say, don’t sufficiently reflect inwardly upon themselves rather than demanding everyone cater to their impulses of indoctrinations]…

    “If you look at the world from the perspective of an evangelical Christian…”

  7. Part of that story goes back to Jerry Falwell’s opposition to school desegregation…

    Jerry Falwell is clearly a central figure in the politicisation of evangelicalism.
    Apart from the notable claim of his son and ministry successor, “I don’t look to the teachings of Jesus for what my political beliefs should be.” I recall reading about Falwell’s involvement in the downfall of Jim Bakker.
    While Bakker clearly had his own issues with immorality, Falwell doggedly pursed the apparent financial irregularities of Bakker’s ministry kingdom, and engineered the transfer of assets of Bakker’s Heritage USA theme park into his own hands.

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