Christian Astronaut Jeff Williams

The sound quality of the ISS portion of the first video below isn’t always the best – but consider that the signal has to travel via satellites positioned 22,300 miles above the earth.

The ISS itself is only 250 miles above us, so the video/audio signal has a long round trip between the earth, the satellites to the ISS and back again.

The sad state of some people’s belief systems is reflected in the comments following the video on the YouTube site, where flat earthers deny the reality of space travel, because the testimony of astronauts and the space program would show their flat earth beliefs are false. Even more disturbing is that many who believe that laughable lie are professing Christians who claim their belief is established upon scripture.
Their ridiculous commentary is also seen across most of NASA’s twitter accounts.

See William’s twitter account for examples of his photography.

Below are the NASA patches from Williams’ most recent mission, expeditions 47/48, in which fellow ISS crewmates included British astronaut Tim Peake and current ISS commander (as of July 2019) Aleksey Ovchinin.


5 thoughts on “Christian Astronaut Jeff Williams

  1. In the icr interview, his point of view that the moment to see the volcano plume was God taking care of him reminded me of something I liked in the interview between a different person and another organization (the radio show or podcast in a recent comment section). The interviewee mentioned miracles. And the interviewer acknowledged amazement but sort of backed away from calling them miracles. I think some of these things/instances are miracles. I think there are miracles in our lives that no one else will ever acknowledge (often that they won’t acknowledge happened — or even could’ve happened — much less were miracles… not sure I worded that exactly right) and miracles that we ourselves may not notice. I will admit (not as a confession but as a factual vantage point) to not believing other people most of the time — and we have solid reason(s) to be suspicious. No guilt in it. Then there are the ones that are not mistakeable. I actually needed that in my life and got it… before the time came that I needed it. Well, I had needed the miracle; it’s the spiritual encouragement (to the point I think I could’ve lost my faith otherwise) that I needed later. I didn’t need something supranatural/supernatural to happen again, I only needed to remember.

  2. I’ve learned to be very cautious about believing what people claim. I’ve come across a lot of apparently trustworthy testimonies of amazing things that were later exposed as not being quite as amazing as originally presumed – some eventually being revealed as outright lies.

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