Let no one deceive you by any means

“Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first…”

In age of Trump, evangelicals back self-styled top U.S. pimp

PAHRUMP, Nev. (Reuters) – He styles himself as America’s best-known pimp, a strip-club owner who runs multiple brothels and looks set to win a seat as a Republican in the Nevada legislature with the blessing of many conservative Christian voters.


When news broke that Hof had won the nominating contest for a state Assembly seat on June 12, evangelical pastor Victor Fuentes said he closed his eyes and prayed.

He did not ask God to deliver Nevada and the Republican Party from Hof, the thrice-divorced author of “The Art of the Pimp” who campaigned as the “Trump of Pahrump.” Although Christian groups have long rallied against the state’s legal brothel industry, Fuentes was willing to overlook Hof’s history as a champion of the flesh trade and gave thanks for his victory


full article here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-religion-brothels/in-age-of-trump-evangelicals-back-self-styled-top-u-s-pimp-idUSKBN1JI1A9?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=twitter

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And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. (Romans 1: 28-32)


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  1. I saw that story on cable news. It’s beyond bizarre. Some people are struggling with the fact they told themselves Trump was only bad back when he was a businessmen and not in politics (even though he was running in 2016 as a businessman and had already been involved in politics before the year 2000). But others were already over the line of knowingly lying to themselves and others. I don’t know when excuses take over and one loses their own mind or soul.

    I came across this subject today,
    after another piece of news
    I had seen a few days before:


    The image, which included the caption “Where is Jeffrey Epstein?” was apparently too offensive for Trump who told security to “Get him outta here. Go home to your mom darling, go home. Get him outta here. Out!”


    Trump’s friendship with Epstein goes back years, and Trump has a history of speaking with admiration of the billionaire pedophile in interviews.

    “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump said. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

    Epstein, who once was a member at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s golf resort in Miami, was convicted of soliciting sex with a 14-year-old girl and received a sweetheart deal from prosecutors. …..

    He dresses casually — jeans, open-necked shirts, and sneakers — and is rarely seen in a tie. Indeed, those close to him say the reason he quit his board seat at the Rockefeller Institute was that he hated wearing a suit. “It feels like a dress,” he told one friend.

    Epstein likes to tell people that he’s a loner, a man who’s never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. ….”

    If these girls do not get justice, it should come as no surprise, especially given Trump’s outspoken praise for Epstein, including referring to the convicted pedophile as a “terrific guy,” …..”

    This gives more context for the rambling content at the rally:
    PUBLISHED: 18:12 EDT, 20 June 2018 | UPDATED: 17:27 EDT, 21 June 2018

    The last two links above are the most informative. Oh, and let’s not forget Trump owned “beauty pageants” and would walk right in on the “miss teen” contestants dressing back stage (even though there was a rule against men being back stage).

  2. From the article you linked to:

    Hof beat a three-term incumbent legislator even as party activists pushed to get Hof’s legal brothels shut down. Voters in Lyon County, where he operates four of his brothels, will be asked in November if they want the businesses closed.

    Brothels have been permitted in parts of Nevada since the 1800s and were first licensed in the 1970s. They are not permitted in highly populated areas, including the counties containing the cities of Las Vegas and Reno.

    Voter Debbie Thomas said she signed the petition to shutter brothels but also backed Hof, who campaigned on issues including repealing Nevada’s commerce tax, protecting gun rights, improving education and protecting residents’ water rights[+] against the federal government.

    …… Hof held a rally with former Trump adviser Roger Stone[*] and said he would not be in a position to win the district without the president’s transformation of the party.

    Some conservative Christian voters, however, were quick to note that their affinity for Trump did not extend to Hof.

    Paul Goulet, a pastor who leads the International Church of Las Vegas, a megachurch, said he was disappointed the brothel owner had earned a spot on the general election ballot.

    “For me, it goes back to faith and values,” Goulet said in a telephone interview. “Hof has a profession making money out of young women who sell their bodies for sexual favors. It’s demeaning to women. I can’t wrap my brain around supporting someone who does that.”

    Others were willing to set aside the morality test of the past to back Hof.

    Robert Thomas, a retired prosecutor and evangelical who along with his wife, Debbie, voted for Hof, said Hof’s brothels “bother me a lot” but that he was willing to overlook them.

    “Dennis Hof seems to me to be a man of his word and he does what he says,” Thomas said.

    Whether Hof does what he says or is “honest” or not I don’t know, but the article earlier talked about people thinking Trump is honest. And he certainly is NOT!!I

    + I can only guess what is meant by “water rights” is a euphemism for not wanting the EPA to protect clean water; that’s been a big hue and cry lately.

    * Roger Stone is a known “swinger” with a tattoo of Richard Nixon in his back.

  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectrum_News The following news was discovered and video recorded by a local station. I had been suspecting that at least one to a few (and probably more) of the children snatched after crossing the border will end up completely lost (while others will be forced into homes without their parents). Then I saw this.

    …… leaving the center with what looks like blankets over their heads. They are accompanied by a male and female adult who have no official or professional dress, badges, or other identification that marks them as authorized immigration officials.

    Why is this happening after midnight? In the words of the rock band Dorothy, “Nothing good comes after midnight.”

    Why are these children, separated from their parents at the southern border, in New York of all places?



  4. From the video in New York, by the way, it’s not clear to me that the same girls/children are exiting (with the black head-coverings) from the building (after one in the morning by that time). This is all very shady.

  5. https://www.marketplace.org/2014/02/24/business/forced-labor-prostitution-continues-us-mexico-border
    ….. despite exponential increases in security over the years, the border remains a place where humans, especially girls, are bought, sold, and forced into labor or sex in both Mexico and the United States.


    People might keep slaves in their homes as maids, keeping them from escaping by threatening to tell the authorities that they have no papers. Or, like Zuria, they might be forced into prostitution. ……

    The above is a general topic article from a few years ago. Below is more on what happened because of that which was observed the night before in New York City.



    Below is activity in court that happened before the president’s executive order to stop what he (or his administration under Sessions) had put into motion.
    ……. asked the judge at a telephonic status conference to issue a preliminary injunction as early as Friday night. The injunction would force the government to halt the practice and create a process to reunite families more quickly.

    “I cannot express enough how bad the situation has become,” Gelernt told the judge. “Every night we are hearing stories of children going to sleep asking if they’re ever going to see their parents again.”

    Instead, Sabraw gave the ACLU until Monday morning to submit a brief explaining its reasons for taking such a major step. The Justice Department has until Wednesday afternoon to respond.


  6. Here is another quote from that last article. I think my own words were a bit unclear about it.

    The Ms. L case was last argued on May 4, three days before Sessions’ order to start separating families. Despite the attorney general’s public announcement of the policy and the extensive coverage the issue has received from the media, Fabian [attorney for the Trump government] declined to acknowledge whether the family separation policy ever existed.

    “I don’t think I could say that specifically, Your Honor,” Fabian said when asked by the judge whether the government had admitted to creating a family separation policy. “I think the executive order addressed a policy that was announced after this case began.”

    Sabraw said he understood the ACLU’s urgency to get a ruling as soon as possible given the developments reported by the news media, but he said he couldn’t rule based on those accounts. Instead, he ordered the expedited briefings and asked the ACLU to set its proposal for an injunction in writing.

  7. There is a lot more detail in this article than what I’m quoting below.
    A federal judge in California issued a nationwide injunction late Tuesday … and ordered that all families already separated be reunited within 30 days.

    Judge Dana M. Sabraw of the Federal District Court in San Diego said children under 5 must be reunited with their parents within 14 days, and he ordered that all children must be allowed to talk to their parents within 10 days.

    “The unfortunate reality is that under the present system, migrant children are not accounted for with the same efficiency and accuracy as property,” the judge wrote.


    The American Civil Liberties Union had filed a lawsuit to stop the separations before the president’s executive order. In [the judge’s] order, Judge Sabraw said that children may be separated at the border only if the adults with them present an immediate danger to the children. He also said that adults may not be deported from the United States without their children. “The facts set forth before the court portray reactive governance — responses to address a chaotic circumstance of the government’s own making,” the judge wrote in the opinion. …. ”


    {Note that “in the opinion” does not refer to an opinion piece but to the formal decision and communication of the judge in authority.}

  8. Heard a story today about our vice president visiting another country and encouraging kind treatment of refugees there, Venezuela I think. Meanwhile, too many Christians here — the ones who think they’ve got it all figured out by party — defend cruelty.

  9. Earlier in the day, yesterday, I ran across some news about Kansas and Kansas City… including the fact that there is a migrant workers organization based in the area (but on the Missouri side of the city). http://www.migrantfarmworkersaf.org

    I also found some articles about current migrant children.

    Topeka nonprofit has been caring for nine migrant children separated from parents

    Later this week, the head of Kansas’ child welfare agency will meet with a Topeka nonprofit to check on the well-being of nearly four dozen migrant children staying there. …..


    “To start out with, we would receive unaccompanied minors which are children that presented themselves at the border without a guardian or a parent and then recently, we’ve had also some kids that were separated from their parents,” Crawford said.



    In a statement released by DCF, the department says: “From our visit, the children seem to be adjusting well, and are having their needs met. While DCF licenses The Villages facilities, our agency has no direct oversight of the federal government’s contract with The Villages, which started in February 2017. ….


    The following statement was released by the office of Governor Jeff Colyer:

    “Governor Colyer stands behind the President and his Executive Order ending the policy of separating children and their families. While this is a federal program that the state does not manage or have control over, the Kansas Department of Children and Families will be conducting an inspection to ensure the Villages remains in line with state standards and procedures. Our hope is that these children are returned to their families as soon as possible.”


    She called the situation “eerily reminiscent of the Japanese American internment camps of World War II, now considered to have been one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history.’’ In 2015, Trump said he might have supported those infamous camps, too. …


    Later, in the evening, I found the news I shared June 29th (2:36pm your time) or the 28th my time. Within Pompeo’s remarks, he said his work in Kansas (where he’s from) showed him there are trafficked people even there — in places we wouldn’t think of, like Wichita.

    And additional articles I read, from Oregon as an example, said high demand for migrant or seasonal farm working was a major indicator of high incidence in trafficking, including prostitution. This, an alien work force, is an aspect of immigration reform that most people (at least rich people and employers and their lobbyists and representatives) don’t want to change because of the cheap, traveling labor (not to mention harder-working labor in terms of heavy labor).

    Certainly, the issue isn’t only foreigners and travelers; it’s vulnerable people. One of the articles I read said there is a ridiculously high ratio of girls who are homeless who are snatched up and forced into prostitution mostly but also “other” kinds of work. I can’t find the article right now but it was really, really high. And it wasn’t all about migrants or aliens.

  10. I have a piece of information from today’s marches against routine family separation (and, so far, not only separation but forced estrangement). It’s related to something I quoted earlier, from the ksn website:
    … our [state] agency has no direct oversight of the federal government’s contract with The Villages, which started in February 2017. ….

    *Trump’s GOP ran a zero tolerance Separation Pilot Program
    in El Paso 07/17-10/17 (June 2018, NBC)*

    Looked it up: https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/immigration-border-crisis/trump-admin-ran-pilot-program-separating-migrant-families-2017-n887616

    Before Trump, parents were sometimes separated from their children, according to an official

    ….. listing risk to the child and criminal prosecution of the parent as among the reasons for separation.

    But the DHS official also confirmed to NBC that, from July 2017 to October 2017, the Trump administration ran what the official called a “pilot program” for zero tolerance in El Paso.

    Court records and interviews with migrants show that during that period federal prosecutors began to criminally charge any adult who crossed the border unlawfully in the El Paso sector, which spans from New Mexico to West Texas. …

    “This was happening in El Paso before it was news,” said Linda Rivas, executive director of Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center. “People didn’t believe it.”

    Records and interviews indicate that mothers and fathers, most from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, went to jail on charges of misdemeanor illegal entry or felony re-entry. Their children were reclassified as “unaccompanied” and … scattered across the country …

    Even those families who crossed the border hoping for asylum were caught up in the El Paso experiment. ………..

    … months before the pilot program launched in El Paso, Trump administration officials had indicated that breaking up parents and children could be an effective way to reduce the escalating numbers of families arriving at the border …

    The idea of separating migrant children from their mothers was discussed during the earliest days of the administration as a way to deter asylum-seekers, according to notes from an asylum officers’ meeting.

    At a town hall for Citizenship and Immigration Services asylum officers on Feb. 2, 2017, the agency’s asylum chief, John Lafferty, told officers they might have to “hold mothers longer” and “hold children in HHR/ORR,” an acronym for childrens’ facilities run by HHS.


    {Here’s some spin of “the” other side (really a faction of malevolence). If one pays attention to the details of the complaint (or instigation), one can see that sufficient information is right in front of their faces: https://hotair.com/archives/2018/06/29/nbc-trump-began-child-separation-pilot-program-october-2016/
    I recommend not reading this look at it, which is meant to confuse and misportray, before reading the straight-up article — which is the first of the two links I’m providing. }

    And, finally, here is part of the reading (minus some words such as most of the Hebrew) of a rabbi in Washington, D.C. this morning: Adonai … protects the immigrant… and gives courage to the orphan and to the widow …..

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