Whatever Will Bee will Bee

In almost 60 years I had only ever been stung by a bee twice.

The first time was when I was in High School. I was watching a basketball game being played on an outside court. I was sitting on the concrete surface beside the court and rolled my knee onto a bee. Why it was there I wouldn’t know – but I definitely found out quickly that it WAS there.

The second time, also in my teens, I was walking along a grassy path at the beach and stepped onto a clover patch and an unlucky bee. This time the whole back of the bee ripped off and I could see it pumping its poison into my toe.

Apart from the initial pain, I don’t recall any other adverse reaction from either sting.

Fast forward more than four decades to 2018 and within a matter of a month I have been stung twice. The first time I was picking zucchinis from one of our plants. At first I though I’d been jabbed on the arm by one of the prickles on the stalk of a zucchini leaf, but the pain intensified. Later the arm started swelling and turned red. I started to suspect the sting was due to something more.

On the weekend I was stung again, this time on my finger and clearly by a bee, I saw the remains of it.

We were working in the garden and Gloria handed me some weeds to put in our green-waste bin. The bee was within those weeds and didn’t waste time showing its displeasure.

It was initially painful. Now my finger has swollen quite a bit. It’s uncomfortable but no longer hurts, and will probably take a day or two to return to normal. The reaction is the same as what happened to my arm, so that was most likely caused by a bee as well.

Despite all of that I know it could have been worse.

From: https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/39786070/coles-shopper-matt-luxford-says-redback-spider-found-on-broccoli/

11 thoughts on “Whatever Will Bee will Bee

  1. I’ve only been stung by a bee once… except it may have been a wasp. I was very little, getting onto my tricycle and putting my hands onto the handle bars. The sting was on my hand somewhere; it’s been too long to remember exactly where. Have you ever heard of putting tobacco on a sting? My dad tore some out of a cigarette.

  2. I’ve never heard of the tobacco remedy for stings – not that I had any to use.
    Gloria and I have a few Doris Day movies on DVD. I think some older films are often much more enjoyable than most modern films of a similar genre.

    The same is the case with older TV shows – we’re currently enjoying Green Acres.

  3. My dad stopped smoking when he went on an adventure called “Outward Bound” (in Montana I think it was). He was much more clean-cut than I think of smokers as being. (I have to be careful what I say about that. I know other people who smoke.)

    Green Acres is a lot of fun.

    I hope you’re recovering well.

  4. Still slightly swollen but improving, however, with the previous sting my arm recovered and then relapsed a few days later before clearing up again.

  5. (For the record, I myself smoked about half a cigar a couple evenings ago; one in a year-n-a-half or so.)

    Might you have a doctor look at your arm or do any allergy testing?

  6. (I suppose that would be more like “one” in about two-and-a-half years — or “once” in one-and-a-half.)

  7. Might you have a doctor look at your arm

    I’m sure it will clear up by itself, but I’m seeing a doctor next week on a another matter and if there’s still a problem I’ll have him check it.

  8. Hands-🎶 -elbows-knees-and-toes. 🎶 Another song… yet more modified… and license taken (hands instead of head, elbows for shoulders — in place of arms — and in a version of reverse but not quite correct order {plus plural, whereas your experience wasn’t plural for each}).

    Let’s see; how about… hands, elbows, toes-n-knees, toes-n-knees. Hands, elbows, toes-n-knees, toes-n-kne-ee-ee-ees. Eyes and ears and mouth and bees. Etc.

    You can tell it’s about time for a grandchild.

    Apparently, too, I’d’ve better asked as to your finger rather than your arm.

    So, I’m also curious… do you grow or even eat broccoli? Would that and not only the spider(s) be worse? I like broccoli but don’t grow it.

  9. I usually grow broccoli but forgot to plant some last year. It’s around the time to plant again, so thanks for the reminder. I think it can be grown most of the year but is better over winter. In the warmer months I think it goes to seed too quickly and is also susceptible to caterpillars.
    Its been unseasonably hot so far this month with temps still in the 30s (Celsius) so I’ll probably have to grow the new plants under netting to keep butterflies at bay, until cooler weather arrives.

  10. The spider found in that broccoli was a red back, a poisonous critter related to the black widow.
    I’ve never come across one in any of our veggies, but they are quite common here. I often find them in dark corners of the garage, or around empty plant pots in the garden.

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