4 thoughts on “When Jesus Returns (David Pawson interview)

  1. Thanks for finding and posting that, I’m pleased to see that David made sure he included the correct sequence from Scripture rather than miss out on the importance of Lord Jesus reign, as KING, on this ‘old’ Earth – before the new creation of all things after His final ‘white throne’ judgement.

    There was a question in a previous post of yours, “and the Gospel…. will be preached…” as to how we (who are born again) should live our lives now, as spiritual citizens of the Kingdom of God – I think David answers this in part by explaining how things will be during the millenium period, and how we may prepare for that time.

  2. Roger, I increasingly realise how little we have known about that very important future Kingdom on earth, and what leads up to it.

    I know I had the idea that Jesus returns and put things immediately right in every sense. When I first heard Pawson’s teaching on the Millennium many years ago, I couldn’t see why anyone would be needed to solve the problem of polluted rivers, after all – wouldn’t Jesus fix it? (referring to a story in Pawson’s sermon, see video in previous post).

    I’ve come to realise that immediately after His return, this earth will still be more or less the same as before.
    He’s not coming with a “magic wand” to immediately eradicate everything that is wrong, or instantly fix the damage man has done to creation. He’s coming to take over the world as it is and establish Himself as King of Kings.
    That indicates there will still be kings over whom He is King, and some of them aren’t necessarily going to be willingly obedient to Him. (Isaiah tells of some nations that won’t obey the requirement to observe the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem and will suffer the consequences).

    Also the world will continue along the same lines as it does now – with the significant difference of having a totally benevolent, righteous King who rules from a position of complete justice. No wrong will go unchallenged or unpunished, but mankind’s nature will remain the same, making man still vulnerable to sin. (The exception of course will be those who’ve either been raised in the first resurrection to return to earth with Him, and those believers alive at His return who were caught up and changed to be like Him to meet Him in the air.)

    It’s only with the creation of a “new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells” that all imperfection will be done away with.

  3. Like so many others, we were initially introduced to a ‘pretrib rapture escape to heaven’ belief when we were first ‘saved’. Milk fed by those whom we now know to be ‘hirelings’.. that may sound harsh, but back then many who were teaching new believers were themselves unsound in truth through their own ignorance of scripture. Subsequently, many teachers and students fell away through lack of discipleship.

    I have no other explanation as to why we (wife and I) ‘survived’, came out of the denominational system, and were taught to search scripture for ourselves – other than the Spirit of God guided and counselled us – as promised.

    Happily, we were led to sound teaching as David, and other teachers, were sharing, and then through interaction with others, like yourself, have been able to come to the place we are now at, believing as you share above.

    Sadly, as much as we would like to share these truths with others, many will not receive.

    We now better understand the description of ‘remnant’ and look forward to Lord Jesus return and His reign on this Earth as He continues to prepare His creation for that final renewal you speak of with “new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells” for evermore.

  4. I was long into Christianity before I heard of a pre-trib rapture. People pushed it with a passion. I tried thinking about it, never bought in, but unfortunately bought a children’s (or young adult) series of novels for one of my sons because it was Christian or wholesome or something. Regret.

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