Australia has finally joined the rest of the world by approving homosexual marriage.

I found it interesting how the cause very quickly morphed from “same sex marriage” to the much more persuasive and user friendly term”marriage equality”.

Who could be against “equality”?

But I suppose there’s nothing more equalizing within human society than sin. “For ALL have sinned…”

I watched The Drum, one of my regular news commentary shows last night and one of the guests uncompromisingly nailed his Christiaphobic colours to the mast – celebrating the passing of the same sex marriage act while expressing his open hostility against “religion” and the church.

People like him don’t see the irony of condemning “homophobia” while at the same time spouting hatred towards believers in God.

4 thoughts on “Equality?

  1. You could put it that way. Obviously you did. Equal access to sin.

    That is the best we can do without the proper king.

    What we have to care about (legally) is protecting people from being exploited or used or sold, tricked, etc. It doesn’t matter, though; hardly anyone cares about that. Money, power, strength — and submission. There’s the ticket. “Conservatives” link (rhetorically and in their own logic) homosexuality to child abuse and beastiality because that’s where their head is at (the so-called conservative political ilk); they are about dominance. And it ain’t rape or otherwise wrong [like, she’s too young or unaware and maybe I don’t have a right to call her out of trig class via her principal, and maybe, oh lord forbid, she’s not interested] if I’m white, have money (or at least prospects or position), and am a male telling myself I’m doing that female a favor. On the other hand, if people have their own choices and are not left to the god mammon…

    … I know it’s hard to believe, but people would often make better choices
    (or sort matters out in the long run or at least not be subjugated by self-superior jerks).

    The famous anti-gay guy has said our country was best under slavery. Somehow, these trends of thinking go together. There’s an imagination that can’t see what has been real. Families were fine, supposedly, except they were split up for profit (oh, that was only the black ones, so… dismiss). And beating wives was fine. Who cares? And women couldn’t vote. So what? And I could say more.

    By the way, whore houses were common (although not always called whore houses).
    You think that’s because that is what women would’ve wanted?

    Anderson Cooper and Roy Moore Spokeswoman Clash in Off the Rails Interview
    Doug Jones, George Soros, the DNC, Mitch McConnell, mainstream Republicans, The Washington Post, the ‘lynch mob media’ as you called them, homosexuals, transgender people, and criminals,’ are all the groups Cooper claimed Moore is blaming



    So, let me ask, why is it OK for you to come in from Ohio and tell the people of Alabama how to vote when … you go after anybody else who’s not from Alabama [ — ] claiming they’re outsiders? Are you just as much of an outsider as “The Washington Post”?


    PORTER: Well, the reason I came to Alabama because this is ground zero in the fight for our freedom.

    COOPER: Right. But you’re not from the state. So, you’re telling people in Alabama how to vote.

    PORTER: Well, what I would tell people that aren’t from the state of Alabama is to do what I did. Go to RoyMoore{dot}org and make the most generous donation you possibly can, if you care about the future, if you care about the right to bear arms. {Oh, yes; to bear arms, not babies.}


    …… a Post researcher who was looking into Phillips’s background, found a document that strongly reinforced the reporters’ suspicions: a Web page for a fundraising campaign by someone with the same name. It was on the website GoFundMe{dot}com ….

    “I’m moving to New York!” the May 29 appeal said. “I’ve accepted a job to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt of the liberal MSM. I’ll be using my skills as a researcher and fact-checker to help our movement. I was laid off from my mortgage job a few months ago and came across the opportunity to change my career path.”

    In a March posting on its Facebook page, Project Veritas said it was seeking 12 new “undercover reporters,” though the organization’s operatives use methods that are eschewed by mainstream journalists, such as misrepresenting themselves.


  2. What kind of gay man is aligned with Trump (and, as I’ve said… kind of gay man has Trump openly chosen to have on the main stage in prime time for the national convention that made him the Republican nominee for President in 2016)? The kind that wants to hide (as long as possible) that he is gay while arguing for man-made islands where men can have the laws he wants — and those laws will not allow women to vote. [I’m not making this up; the gay man he had speak as a main feature at the Republican National Convention in fact wants these constructions in life.] What kind? A sick man obsessed with money and technology.

    {I’ve shared before that off away from the main stage, at least one venue catering to what they called (and visually displayed as) twinks was fawning toward Trump.}

    [Also, there is a form of man that hides in a (hetero) marriage so that he can succeed in the business world (or religious, or both, depending on his priorities), not admitting that he isn’t interested in women or his wife (except that jokes and put downs or resentments, to whatever extent mildly presented, alternating with delusions of magnanimity seem to be acceptable). But that isn’t necessarily only gay men. This has been the tradition for generations. And the spirit continues. One specimen: Roy Moore (referenced in above communication) is okay because he doesn’t admit what he is and has done {even if we know}.]

    I wrote that yesterday, but didn’t think it was the right time to post it. Then, hours later, I started looking
    into “The Handmaid’s Tale” (which I’ve heard of in a very surface manner but have not read or
    watched)… looked into it because it is mentioned in passing in the above news clip.

    This is a sample reading. I actually recommend listening to this before finding out more.


    As I said, I recommend listening to a bit of the audio book before reading this or
    looking at the description at Hulu (also before watching at hulu).

  3. Roy Moore spokeswoman Janet Porter mentions host Poppy Harlow’s baby twice while defending Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore against his Democrat opponent Doug Jones.

    At first, the interviewer tried to be typically polite… as pregnant women too often (as I know firsthand) need to be when others presume to be too familiar with them. Harlow moved on to the interview.

    But the rude woman was determined to circle back disingenuously and say:

    “Judge Roy Moore stands for protection, not only of our Second Amendment rights, so we can protect ourselves against predators, [but] for the rights of babies like your eight-month baby … ”

    Roy Moore’s spokeswoman is found to have posted this above image.

    I found out, too, she was actively against the act explained below. People like her prefer not to mitigate racism (which manifests additionally as offense, violence, and more death).


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