4 thoughts on “Israel Partners With Christian Ministry.

  1. I really like the part about the organization (which we’ve looked at before) going in and helping with medical assistance and expertise, etc. — I’ve forgotten the three-letter designation of what’s they are called. And, then, I’m quite suspicious of the rest.

  2. Thank you. I should add that I may have been taking in the information incorrectly, but I perceived Israel (additionally) to be coordinating with FAI to help Syrians. And that seems good.

  3. I don’t know why, but the first time I watched these videos — or the more precise way to put it, maybe, clicked on two arrows to listen to stories — one of them had evangelicals meeting with Saudis. (And one of the evangelicals was Michelle Bachmann. And, you know, it’s CBN.)

    I just now watched both. And that content wasn’t involved. So…
    I don’t know what happened, before. But these were fine.

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