Demonised or Celebrated? What is “acceptable” and what isn’t?


In the aftermath of the overwhelming support for same sex marriage shown in the Australian postal survey, here are a few inconsistencies to consider as Australia confirms its place with the rest of the western world as a society that increasingly approves and celebrates an LGBTIQ agenda.


White born Rachel Dolezal identified as black and lived as a black woman but was later demonised when her actual biological identity was exposed.

Yet for some reason the issue of felt gender “identification” is considered differently. How can (and why should) gender identity be considered as acceptably flexible and changeable, while racial identity has to remain fixed by a person’s status at birth? (I’m making what I believe is a valid comparison, I’m not advocating the picking and choosing of racial identity).

Compare attitudes to the above case with community attitudes to this one (with Jenner being awarded “Woman of the Year” by Glamour magazine in 2015):


And how about a case like this, where it’s unacceptable for white people to apply “blackface” as a caricature of African American appearance, and yet it’s okay for “transvestite” men to caricature the appearance of women.

These inconsistencies offer very stark examples of the inevitable hypocrisy imbued within a human society that increasingly rejects God and distances itself from Him.

It’s not something that will be changed by political action, through the support of party politics, or pledging allegiance to any earthly institution (whether nation, political group or religious body).

In fact I don’t believe its something that will be changed at all. This world will not see an improvement in moral standing and will not move closer to God through any human action. Scripture makes the downward spiral of human society very clear, and it’s something that won’t be halted until God calls time, and Jesus returns.

So with all of this going on around us what should or can we do?

I think that needs a much more complex answer than I can handle fully in a blog post, but I’ll suggest these things.

1)  remember what Kingdom you belong to and seek that Kingdom first.

2) remember it’s not our place to condemn individuals belonging to a different Kingdom. We are Christ’s ambassadors committed to the message of reconciliation, tasked with encouraging and helping potential migrants to transfer their citizenship to the Kingdom of God.



6 thoughts on “Demonised or Celebrated? What is “acceptable” and what isn’t?

  1. YouTube Susan Sarandon Interview with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks
    This is from before the election, so nothing particularly new. But I want to comment that the idea of getting out of the banks that are invested in ruining our water and Native American (at other times, farmers’ and other people’s) land seems to be a goal without a way to get there. I haven’t found any place that isn’t invested. The greed is pervasive. I read a story that Jill Stein hadn’t even found a place to put her investments (a management bank, as she isn’t a finance person), and she had tried.

    CNN Tries To Convince Susan Sarandon To Change Her Vote
    The Young Turks
    In this video, it is shared that CNN, during a town hall event they hosted, put up stats from a FOXnews poll instead of their own poll (apparently because they preferred Hillary over Bernie). [There were other odd things that happened when CNN hosted Bernie and Hillary, but I’ve forgotten]

    Here is some pondering about observing transsexual people in current life.

  2. Quick note for those who don’t know: the Kardashian girls (mainly known to me for being conscious of image) are step daughters of “Caitlyn” (Bruce) and somehow got a door into infamy through the OJ defense.

    I forgot to mention that I realize Sarandon isn’t always speaking very clearly in the longer (first) video. She’s doing the best she can with complicated topics related to other, quite plain (and obviously important), topics. And I want to elaborate on something in particular that she said; she said “like we did with gay rights” (more or less, that’s what she said… but I didn’t double check).

    It’s actually different, what happened with gay rights… even though we can be talking about “money.” Recent occurrences with gay rights and money involved companies and business voices and the thought of tourism, and so forth, objecting to negative treatment of gay people. Largely, it was a tactic conservatives championed against gay people (and other matters) for decades. The table has been turned on that. The situation with funding and serving big oil industries no matter how ruthless they are is more complex (and hardly understood by much of anyone). And we have reached a point where we will soon have no return (if that isn’t already the case). The mega rich and their cronies can stomp forward over little people. (The mildly rich don’t seem to have found ways out of joining with them.)

    I looked up whether or not Bruce had any biological children. Two are named in this article. His third wife, Kris, had four children before they married. He had four other children before as well.

    Not a hundred percent sure how. Another article said he took hormones previously.

    One of his earlier children saw he had breasts one day when he got out of the shower.
    (The breasts didn’t have to be from taking hormones, and he might have previously taken
    steroids. Who knows? But, still, at some point, he did decide to take female hormones.)
    I don’t “keep up” (at all) with the Ks; this is the most I’ve read or seen about them ever.

  4. I’d like to NOT keep up with the K’s, but it’s almost impossible not to have something about them thrown into your path.
    It’s almost as if they’ve actually done something worthy of all the attention.


    Somewhere in this article, there is mention of politics “at least” from the time Reagan. I don’t mean to draw attention to Reagan so much; I think the whole article (and probably the book) is important to read. I will say, “at least” is rather a definitely before in American politics. I was being indoctrinated before, and Reagan wasn’t “conservative enough” in those circles of folks. Indeed, since his time, his ways haven’t satisfied the true believers (who I would say, since I’ve observed for decades, once having, myself, bought in because Satan doesn’t wear a kick me sign, are not “true” in the sense of truth) — and both left and right have moved right. We are like the proverbial frog cooking in slightly warmer and warmer, then hot water.

    While Satan keeps us focused on getting “moral” or “social” laws on the books or manipulating people in those realms, his accolades destroy the fabric of functioning community.

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