Rainbow Connection 2: Don’t dare speak out!

At a time when homosexual campaigners are decrying anti-homosexual hate-speech…


Petition calls for doctor in ‘no’ campaign same-sex marriage ad to be deregistered

A woman that appeared in [an] advertisement for the ‘no’ camp in the same-sex marriage debate is now at the centre of an online campaign to have her medical licence stripped.

The online petition has just over 6,000 signatures and calls for a “review of the registration of Dr Pansy Lai”.

Dr Lai, a GP in northern Sydney, appeared as one of three mothers in the Marriage Coalition advertisement that first aired at the end of last month.

She told The Australian she has been inundated with phone and social media threats since the ad was released and said she had reported one threat to police that she would be shot “this week”.



And another article:

Same-sex marriage debate: conservative Muslims steer clear for fear of backlash

Muslim Australians who oppose same-sex marriage are afraid to speak out for fear of being labelled extremists, including by Christian conservatives who themselves oppose it, a Muslim community leader has said.

Ali Kadri, a spokesman for the Islamic Council of Queensland, told Guardian Australia that imams and community leaders “who represent the vast majority of the Muslim community” were staying out of the postal survey debate for fear of backlash.



There are questions I’d like to raise regarding the second article:

Why would the Muslim spokesman think and suggest that conservative Christians would label Muslims as extremists for sharing their views on same sex marriage, when the conservative Christian and Muslim views would be the same?

Is that suggestion an attempt by the Muslim to politically distance himself and his community from conservative Christians – who have so far been the main target of hate-speech from supporters of SSM?

Is it a suspicion that conservative Christians will be antagonistic towards the Muslim community even in cases when their views are the same?

Maybe it’s a Muslim attempt to maintain division and distrust between two religious communities – mirroring the anti-Muslim rhetoric of some Christians who have regularly resorted to fear-mongering with regard to the presence of Muslims in the community?


And a related article (don’t dare reflect a “traditional” view of fatherhood on father’s day):

Dads4Kids ad is ‘dodgy campaign tactic’ in marriage debate, says LGBTI activist

A fathers group that claimed its political ad was blocked from television is engaged in a “dodgy campaign tactic” to claim victimhood in the same-sex marriage debate, according to a senior LGBTI advocate.

Just Equal spokesman, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, has hit back at Dads4Kids, labelling them an anti-LGBTI, anti-marriage equality activist group who had attempted to politicise father’s day.

Ben Pratt, the spokesman for Dads4Kids, said it was “extraordinary” that Australians could “no longer celebrate fathers’ day without being forced to look at it through the lens of the same-sex marriage debate”.

“It’s a tragedy that a political motive is now implied in any mention of fatherhood. Not everything is about same-sex marriage,” he said.


3 thoughts on “Rainbow Connection 2: Don’t dare speak out!

  1. Why would the Muslim spokesman think and suggest … ?

    I don’t know a lot about Australia,
    but I know that Christians have done this (what the Muslims fear) here [I’m in the U.S.].

    During the presidential campaign, Republicans played up the conservative standing
    of Muslim outlook — although, OF COURSE, Republicans didn’t employ the word conservative — to use them, the outsider, as a foil of bad guys from which the Republican Party would (in an unbelievable turnaround from what they have banked on for decades) save our country. Both outside (in advertised talks and receptions) of the official convention and inside (with Trump himself speaking as if the champion of the LGBTQ — yes from his own mouth — community), including visibility for radical libertarian Peter Thiel (in prime time on the convention stage) and alt-right Milo Yiannopoulos (running around like a nut).

    Some Christians (or Republicans who don’t differentiate between faith and voting tendency) do these things on purpose to manipulate, while others don’t sort out their own thoughts.

  2. I don’t know a lot about Australia, but I know that Christians have done this (what the Muslims fear) here [I’m in the U.S.].

    There would be a similar situation in Australia, but maybe not to the same extent. The most conservative politicians here tend to be portrayed as “Christian” even though usually they don’t personally identify themselves that way.
    There is also at least one wannabe political party leader ( who is currently a “pastor”) who has openly sided with extreme right wing patriotic organisations. Ironically he’s a dark skinned Sri Lankan born man, who under most circumstances would find himself the target of those groups he sided with, but they were able to share a platform because both were protesting against Muslims.


  3. Peter Thiel, by the way — as a reminder of articles I’ve shared if they’ve been read — is both radical and reactionary (as general indicators). He wants to create islands in the ocean so that he and his ilk can run them the way he wants (as his islands theoretically wouldn’t be under any current country’s jurisdiction. One feature he wants is that women wouldn’t vote. That sounds very, very conservative (you know, reactionary), except he’s gay. Well, there were gay men long ago, long before women could vote; they just usually hid it (and often used it against each other and against boys, as the secrecy gives power).

    He wants, due to technology/pharmaceuticals, to live forever.

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