How I Became Fake News by Brennan Gilmore

I think this is a very significant article (thanks to Chris for the link). I recommend you don’t just read the excerpts below, but go to the link and read the whole article.

I was initially going to post this as a comment on an earlier thread, but decided the content is too significant to risk it being missed.

Did I actually have to worry that the president of the United States might launch an investigation against me because I happened to capture footage of a white supremacist terror attack and spoke publicly about what I saw? I realized I couldn’t rule it out, and that frankly scares the hell out of me—for my family, but particularly for our country.
Over the past week, I’ve seen personally the very real damage that these conspiracy theories have on our public discourse. The danger is not necessarily that a large number of people will believe them in their entirety. Instead, it’s that they muddy the waters on issues that should be about right and wrong. This is truly dangerous. If we are to get beyond this current acute manifestation of the cancer of American racism and begin to heal, the right must join with the left to excise the malignancy of white supremacy from our politics and society. Conspiratorial thinking and confusion on what is real make this much harder.

in this story, there are not two sides.

I know what I saw on Saturday, and I know which side was responsible. I saw a man who identified himself as a Nazi purposefully drive his car into a group of protesters.

14 thoughts on “How I Became Fake News by Brennan Gilmore


    The extemporaneous Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville wasn’t just tone-deaf and heartless; you had to wonder about the overall mental balance of a man who managed to both defend the alt-right demonstrators in Virginia and brag about his real estate in the neighborhood.

    “Does anyone know I own a house in Charlottesville?” Trump asked the stunned reporters. “I own actually one of the largest wineries in the United States. It’s in Charlottesville.”

    It was truly the kind of performance you expect from a deranged person, brought out to explain why he blew up a large government building and inquiring cheerfully: “Has anybody seen my car? It’s really nice…”

    Also, Trump does not own one of the largest wineries in the United States. Trump Winery is one of the largest wineries in Virginia, which is like bragging you own one of the largest ski resorts in Ohio.

    (There’s something about catching these wild misstatements and lies of self-aggrandizement that can actually be soothing in the worst of times. It’s a diversion that gives you a little break from wondering what’s going to happen to the country.)


  2. I’m often literally sick to my stomach [not to the extreme of actually throwing up] when I see what Trump does. An example is when he boasted in NYC about his winery in Charlottesville immediately after his antics in his gold(ish) tower at the podium — in the Trump lobby. (The article I shared isn’t when I learned of it. I saw it in live coverage, as I’m sure many people did… while some would tune out after the formal moments.)

    Then I saw in the president’s remarks (or whatever that was, whatever we could call it) in Arizona that he brought up the winery again, this time in the main body of his presentation or performance. And he followed that right up with something like I can’t believe they haven’t figured that out yet… (That might be exact.) Who is “they” I wonder. (Of course, it could be no one, really, but a ping at the they who conservatives hate — everyone.)


    [The inquiry into Arpaio began under George W. Bush.]

    Kind of a strange juxtaposition that Arpaio got pardoned and this other guy got fired –>
    Trump [through a surrogate] fires event organizer over too-small crowd —

    Thing 1/Thing 2: We know Donald Trump is obsessed with the size of his crowds
    … and when the audience at his Phoenix rally didn’t measure up,
    a long-time aide got the boot. Duration: 2:31

  4. The event organizer was one of Trump’s longest-serving aids.

    Trump has to blame someone for his lack of interest-holding content.
    Like he practically took credit on good “turnout” for his visit to hurricane country.
    From a reply: … a willingness on the part of the GOP to allow misinformation to spread as long as they get elected. {I’d say it’s increased when they’re in office, but it’s unending.}

    Moral decay under Trump, not even, Trump is the logical conclusion to the last 30 years of the GOP.

    I also think it’s interesting that Christie points out Ted “was trying to be the most conservative” (which is an appropriate characterization). But then he (Christie) has to go back to saying “both sides” (implying Republican and Democrat) do such-n-so — which doesn’t fit with what he just said in a real sense.
    Chris Christie: Ted Cruz is lying —
    The New Jersey governor says his Republican colleague isn’t telling the truth about why he voted against Hurricane Sandy relief – but now wants money for Texas after Harvey. Duration: 5:58

  5. Also, for people who don’t go to the link and see the video mentioning the long-time aide who got booted, Trump regularly lies and has lied [including in the recent AZ rally] about what is happening not only inside the venue but also outside. One example is him saying, in 2016, that there were lines for many blocks… of fans who wanted in; there were NO lines. Another example was in AZ last week, his saying there was hardly anyone protesting outside. There were thousands of people making a statement outside.

  6. Forget “alternative facts” – Trump might be living in an alternative reality and is incapable of recognising or understanding the concept of truth.

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