More Godless Cowardice

It seems my previous post needs to be updated:

THREE terror attacks this week carried out by pathetic, Godless cowards.

Charlottesville, Barcelona and now Cambrils.

A second terror attack has taken place in Cambrils, a coastal town around 120km from Barcelona. Six bystanders and one police officer were injured – two seriously – when they were reportedly deliberately hit by a car.
Police officers then shot dead five suspects, some of whom were wearing what appeared to be explosive belts.

more details here:

However, even this update is lacking.
It only addresses the terror attacks that have been widely publicised – which more or less means attacks on Western targets.

A wider picture can be seen at this link :

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  1. I want to mention that it’s not only the mass murder lie proudly told by Trump that is disgusting. It’s also the detail of dipping bullets in pig blood. It’s a version of conservative jokes to “let them eat bacon.”

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