Frontline Ministry

Rarely would the meaning of “frontline ministry” become so literal.


explores the opportunities for a tangible witness of Jesus and the work of FAI Relief before, during, and after the campaign to liberate Mosul from the clutches of ISIS. Follow our team and get a first-hand look at what is means to give an incarnate witness of the Incarnate God amidst bloodthirsty conflict and carnage.

The power vacuum left by ISIS in Iraq and Kurdistan will bring a no less long and arduous road than the one to eradicate them from these territories. We are committed to mourning with these people through their losses, and moving forward with them into their futures.





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  1. 1 Marleen
    August 9, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    That’s a really good beginning of that very long video. (I watched it from the other fai link I gave in your previous topic thread. There, it’s all connected as one long video.) The song reminded me of my childhood, and also that I had been thinking of the song “Deep and Wide” recently, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.

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