Joel Richardson interview

I’ve watched a few of Joel Richardson’s own videos and have found he shares some interesting ideas and insights.

Here is an interview with him, in which he gives his testimony, including details of his ministry to Muslims, information about the nature of Islam, and addresses the following:

What should be the Christians’ response to Islam and Muslims?

What is the primary mandate to believers when it comes to Muslims?

The consequences of waging war in Muslim nations and possible Christian alternatives.

The latter half addresses differing ideas about the “Rapture” and how our personal view of the rapture should and should not affect our behaviour as believers.

Joel Richardson’s website:

IMPORTANT: By posting this video I am in no way endorsing the ministry of the organisation that produced the video. I post it only for the content of the interview with Joel Richardson.

3 thoughts on “Joel Richardson interview

  1. I appreciated listening to this. I especially liked that he said,
    “God sent his very heart into the world… his son…”

  2. Yes Marleen, it was a very interesting interview.

    There’s one thing however that I’ve heard him say a few times that makes me cringe a little: when he describes himself as “A conservative”. I think it would be much better for Christians to describe themselves as conservative (dropping the “A”) which would be more of a description of their character rather than identification with an ideology.

    And going further – it would be helpful to recognise that the terms conservative and liberal aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

  3. So true!

    [And, side note, I wouldn’t recommend getting too into the show he was a guest on (or into that guy, the name the host mentioned). I mean, curiosity didn’t hurt me (I vaguely remembered the name from the past and wanted check), but sheesh… what a sinkhole of time on space stuff, measurements of pyramids, and on and on. Who would ever check to see if what he says is correct?]

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