ISIS in a Nutshell

ISIS in a Nutshell (Dr. Nabeel Jabbour interview – Part 3

The final part of the interview with Dr Nabeel Jabbour.

Who is ISIS and what do they want?

3 thoughts on “ISIS in a Nutshell

  1. Besides the fact we already knew going into Iraq was stupid, the way “we” (actually Bush, et al. who I suspect have investments in war supplies… Cheney no doubt) went into Afghanistan was stupid too. (I got this from part two, actually). And then there’s the notion (which is brushed on briefly in this part three) that we could have gone for peace in the middle east (with Israel) instead of choosing these particular wars in response to 9/11. I don’t know how realistic that would have been, but it sounds like a remarkable moment.

    Finally, it occurs to me, as it already has before, we could start to focus on justice in our own culture, specifically in our own country, toward our own people — for its own sake as well as for “practice.”

    Well, one last thing — this one more specifically to do with this part three…
    Even if Assad isn’t ISIL, he’s not a good guy and is ruthless too.

    Oh, another thing… Kurdistan.

    I’m trying to remember where I saw
    that the United States is going to have
    to decide whether or not to support Kurdistan
    re-establishment (which currently is claimed in Iraq).


    This is what I was trying to remember. You might like to start by clicking on one of the alternate rectangles down the right side of the screen, which would be about a third of the way into a 7/14/17 episode. Look for (in succession, one will play after the other) “US medic helps…”
    — then “Iraq strains…” (you’ll see a map of colorful shapes in that rectangle for boundaries)

    — and next “Iraqi Kurds…” (what I mentioned a couple posts ago).

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