Some Short Observations on Modern “Culture”

Another very insightful article from Jeff Weddle’s blog.

I always appreciate Jeff’s writings.

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–We now live in a time when parents are shooting their kids full of hormones so they can “change genders,” while simultaneously protesting the injection of hormones into cows and chickens served for dinner.

–If it is true that anti-abortion Conservatives “care about babies before they’re born and not after,” then isn’t it also true, by that same logic, that abortion-supporting Liberals kill babies before so they don’t have to care after?

–Parents have taken it upon themselves to be their kids’ friends, not authority figures, not people who make rules and enforce them. It’s all but impossible for a kid to rebel today since society so readily approves of all their trying-to-be-rebellious sin. Since there are no longer any human standards to rebel against, kids are now rebelling against biology.

–The two main arguments atheists use against God are:
1) How can a good God allow so much evil?…

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  1. I just can’t say I agree with the implications here. For one, I think kids who are getting hormones are
    1) in some actual physical deficiency according to medical evaluation (I knew a boy a couple decades ago receiving hormones who, as far as I know, was born a boy) or
    2) picking up on lack of peace on the part of their parents;
    3) and this one might be similar to number two, an experiment — imposed by adults. I heard of a story where twins were born, and the parents wanted to prove gender identity is due to nurture. One child was left natural, the other tampered with.*

    4) I find it troubling that hormones have been used in the distant past, but then it was imposed on people [as far back as the forties] (so authoritative)… yet now it’s time to freak out. So, second, this is another occasion of being wistful about the past, when there was evil in the past.

    Third, It’s dangerous to assume kids need to rebel, as well as to chalk things up to that. And while this is actually a psychological theory, it’s also often theology (wrongly, I’d say).

    Fourth, while it may be so that some “abortion-supporting liberals” do such and so, it is also the case that “anti-abortion Conservatives” not infrequently “kill babies before so they don’t have to care after” and that many libertarian (extreme) Conservatives are prepared to “allow” abortion for the same kinds of reasons. And a large portion of people (liberal or conservative) who are pro-choice are pro-women or women-and-their-doctors taking care of health (for instance not, logically speaking, wanting to set a legal guard by every pregnancy or truly every woman as you never know when she could be pregnant) — rather than looking forward to abortions or wishing not to care for children.

    * I don’t know all the details, like if it included hormones, but surgery was involved [which already happened too, decided by parents or doctors, back before the fifties of the last century]. That child “rebelled” (if you want to look at it that way) by killing himself/herself.

    I know of other stories to share. But that’s enough for now.

  2. Jeff’s comment about hormones is a reference to a specific situation of gender re-assignment: taking chemical steps to turn boys into girls and vice versa. At times there may be legitimate medical reasons for prescribing hormones, but I can’t see any legitimacy in using them to change someone from one gender to another.

    I have read of cases where a baby’s genitals weren’t formed normally and therefore gender wasn’t easy to determine – occasionally under a surgeon’s advice the decision was made to surgically “assign” a gender to the baby – a decision that later caused a lot of problems for the child as they grew towards adulthood, particularly when they had been surgically “assigned” the wrong gender (for example, for “convenience”, removing a malformed penis to make the baby into a girl).

    However there seems to be an increasingly influential ideology developing that promotes the idea that gender is a choice and can be changed according to an individual’s personal decision.

    Am I the only one to be surprised to find (due to Trump’s tweet about “trans gender” and military service) that the number of “transgender” military personnel is in the 1000s (15,000 comes to mind).
    And society is being conditioned to accept that such a “flexible” attitude to gender is normal.

  3. I am surprised by the number. I’d guess a lot of those are not based on inherent ambiguity or mixed or counterintuitive chromosomes, nor on efforts to deal with problematic decisions made (usually by parents or doctors) earlier in life. However, there are two thoughts that come to mind. Supposedly, there are more children with confused gender/sex (in a variety ways, not only outward genitalia — so, internal testicles, ovaries inside a person who seems to be a boy, breasts developing in what we thought was a boy, and so on) than are born with downs syndrome. Second, it is said that these people have the hardest time of people who are otherwise normal with getting jobs and being accepted in society. If you can meet the physical and other demands, you can get this job. We have an all volunteer military; these factors might account for part of the situation.



    A 2014 study estimated that 15,500 trans people were currently serving in the U.S. military. The Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA School of Law that researches gender identity, came to that figure using a 2011 survey of 6,546 transgender Americans. Around 20 percent of that survey’s respondents said they had served in the armed forces. There are currently 1.3 million active-duty personnel in the U.S. military and an additional 800,000 in reserves.

    Using various extrapolations based on population estimates and rates of service for men and women, the Williams researchers concluded that 8,800 people were in active duty and another 6,700 were in the National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve. Trans people, the Williams report suggested, might even join the military at a higher rate than other groups.


    Researchers from RAND used much lower numbers to estimate transgender-related health-care costs, putting the total ranks of active transgender service members between 1,300 and 6,600 and concluding that only about 130 might seek gender-related surgeries. But even if the number of transgender service members is closer to the Williams Institute’s estimate, the cost for their medical care would be a negligible share of the military’s total health budget.

    The Veterans Health Administration pays for pre- and post-operative care for transgender service members but not for gender-confirmation surgery itself. ……

  5. Considering that the U.S. Senate is voting tonight on health care…
    Mother and son: Medicaid isn’t about politics, it’s about lives —
    Mike Phillips is severely physically disabled, but thanks to Medicaid, he’s able to be cared for at home by his family. In a remarkable interview with Ari Melber, Mike and his mother Karen Clay explain how Medicaid cuts would literally end life as they know it. Duration: 15:50

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