Justin Bieber left fans disappointed on Tuesday morning after he announced he was cancelling the rest of his Purpose World Tour “due to unforeseen circumstances”.

But what are these “unforeseen circumstances” exactly?

Well, Richard Wilkins announced on Today Extra what the reason may be, revealing an insider told him is that the Biebs is wanting to start his own church.


4 thoughts on “?????????????????????????

  1. Having a concert cancelled, to which one (and many people) might’ve been very much looking forward, sounds somewhat disappointing — but I guess he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Don’t know what to say about him starting a church… except it’s just a “someone said” right now. Maybe he will join Hillsong? And maybe there’s a girl? (I think that was a separate article.)

    I wish him well in general.

  2. I read recently that the Jenners (half sisters of the Kardashians and children of Bruce now Caitlin Jenner) have associated themselves with Hillsong.
    However that doesn’t seem to have impacted their tendency to post nude/semi nude photos of themselves through their social media outlets. Links to their latest offerings are plastered across the Yahoo news home page almost every day.

    I suppose it’s fair enough for the Jenners to seek for spiritual answers at a church, but not so okay for that church to attempt to increase its profile by making their interest public, at least while they’ve shown no evidence of their church involvement having any effect on their moral choices.

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