Gospel For Blood Thirsty Men

The Gospel for Bloodthirsty Men from FAI on Vimeo.


The following thoughts are my own and aren’t an expression of anything that the producers of the above video have said, so I take complete responsibility for them. (Although I think their message and mine aren’t following different tracks ).


The “western” church has a unique opportunity to reach out to Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whereas many Muslim countries have been more or less closed to the gospel, the Lord has been bringing Muslim families out from those closed lands to the “freedom” of the west, where sharing of the gospel isn’t hindered by legal and political constraints.


Sadly the response from parts of “the church” hasn’t been welcoming. Instead political rhetoric, fear and hostility have become far too prevalent responses from professing believers. Responses that have demonised those the Lord has brought to us, who we should be helping, and sharing the love of Christ. So instead of the gospel being denied to Muslims by hostile governments, it is being denied to them by the fear and hostility of people claiming to follow Christ.


Many of those Muslim people have experienced some of the very worst of things done in the name of Islam, so a genuine expression of love from those who claim to follow Jesus would offer them a significant contrast to what they’ve experienced from their own religion. But are they getting that?
Sadly, mostly, no!


Expressions of hostility against Muslim refugees not only robs them of the gospel and the opportunity to turn to Jesus; it has the potential of hardening them to the gospel, increasing the likelihood of a reciprocal hostility and thereby CAUSING the very kind of reaction that had been feared. They have long-standing impressions of anti-Muslim “crusaders” reinforced, increasing the likelihood of withdrawal into religious enclaves within our nations that potentially become fertile environments for extremism.


What COULD be an alternative to creating and fostering that kind extremist, radicalisation environment that leads young Muslim men to violent reactions against the “Christian” West?


The alternative could be groups of equally committed former Muslims, drawn to the Lord through a living example of the love of Christ being shown to them by followers of Jesus; former Muslims being equipped to return to their homelands to take the gospel where the majority of us could never go.


5 thoughts on “Gospel For Blood Thirsty Men

  1. Hi, Tim:

    Haven’t had a chance to view the video yet, but..

    Fervent agreement with your comments:

    “The ‘western’ church has a unique opportunity to reach out to Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ…Sadly the response from parts of “the church” hasn’t been welcoming.”

    A measure of Christianity’s corruption by “the world:” that the opportunity God gives us is met with a political response.

  2. Hey, yeah, why would we let that guy across our borders?
    (That guy the missionary, pictured, is talking about.)

  3. Why would we let such a dangerous man in? Trouble and violence followed him everywhere.

    Just like the man he talked so much about who went psycho in the temple, attacking people who were only trying to make a shekel or two from the tourists.

  4. Like most of the religious leaders of Jesus time – how many Christians today would actually not recognise Jesus if He was among them, teaching and performing miracles, because He’s not what they think He should be, and doesn’t do what they think He should do.

    Who knows, He might even meet with Muslims and receive their hospitality while talking to them about the truth of God.

    Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

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