A Muslim Walked into a Church…

The audio below is actually the “prequel” to one I posted a few days ago.  ( Islamophobia in the Church: The Jonah Syndrome)

The official title of the discussion below is “Why Muslims Are Angry”. The title I gave to this post reflects an experience spoken about towards the beginning of the talk, that shows a far too common attitude.



The latter half of this audio also provides a reality check to the image of the “west’s” allegedly worthy Judeo-Christian history that I tried to address here:

A Flawed Historical Viewpoint


I found the recording here:


So far I’ve listened to the first few podcasts on this site and have found them to be very interesting and challenging.

There are 51 podcasts in all. I can only give my qualified “endorsement” to the first four – those I’ve listened to myself. Those four genuinely challenge Christian attitudes to Muslims – without compromising the gospel and without diluting the fact that Muslims need to turn to Jesus as the only way to God.

4 thoughts on “A Muslim Walked into a Church…

  1. When considering the content of the second part of this audio, don’t overlook the context of what is being said.

    The speaker is giving us a Muslim perspective – that is, showing us “WHY Muslims are angry”.

    As part of that the Muslim view of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is also addressed from the viewpoint of Muslims – and how it has affected those whose families had centuries of history in Palestine prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948.

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  3. I thought so too – but could see that some people might take the Israel-Palestine references the wrong way. I suspect I might have done a year or two ago.

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