Say Hello: Ministry to Muslim Women.

I heard about this interesting ministry and thought it was worth promoting.

Say Hello is an imperative that beckons believers into the wonderful experience of relating Christ to Muslim women. Its intention crumbles language and culture barriers by appealing to everything Christian and Muslim girls of all ages value in common. It imparts joy in friendship; it yields eternal fruit.

Research affirms that Christian friendships are key to a Muslim’s decision to follow Christ. * (Christianity Today reference) Most Christian women regularly come in contact with Muslim women, but stereotypes and unfounded fears deceive us into behaviors that keep them marginalized and lost. A simple act of friendship can initiate a Muslim woman’s journey to Jesus.

"Say Hello" Introduction Video from Say Hello on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Say Hello: Ministry to Muslim Women.

  1. Just a note: The guy in your previous post (in the conversation that mentioned this ministry) said men shouldn’t go up and approach Muslim women. That might be a general rule, but it might be okay not to ignore a Muslim women in certain unavoidable situations… but I don’t know.



    …. Making things even worse, the majority of the Christian detainees would probably be destined for Mosul, where the Iraqi Army and ISIS are engaged in fierce fighting for control of the city.

    In addition to tweeting his alarm, Graham wrote on Facebook: “I find it very disturbing what I have read about Chaldean Christians being rounded up by U.S. ICE for possible deportation. I would encourage the president to have someone investigate these cases thoroughly.”


  3. Hi suninearth,
    There is more to Jesus than Him being a Prophet.
    Freedom (liberation) can not be found through any religion (not Islam, not Christianity, nor Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other of the many I haven’t named) true freedom only comes from God through the way He has provided: trusting in and obeying Jesus.

  4. Hi Marleen, yes there are times when men are able to approach Muslim women, but care needs to be taken regarding how that is done and where it is done.

  5. To comment on the article I linked to, I have to wonder if certain people understand our country. Franklin Graham is speaking up about Christians being sent back to a war zone and being treated more harshly than many other criminals (or past criminals) in the U.S. because they are Chaldean or Assyrian. But we should be able to see that it would be just as unfair to send Muslims back to a war zone.

  6. I’ve had someone suggest by email that the video in the original post is promoting “Chrislam”: a compromise between Christianity and Islam.
    I personally don’t see that suggestion as valid. I saw the video and the associated site were encouraging Christian women to reach out in friendship to Muslim women, breaking through the walls that religious bigotry, politics and the media have constructed; walls that effectively exclude Muslims from the gospel of Jesus.

  7. If someone’s faith prevents them from relating to others outside of that faith – then surely there’s a problem.
    One of the central aspects of Jesus’s teaching is how we should relate to other people, whether or not they like us or agree with us or believe the same as us.

  8. suninearth (if you’re reading), is a “Magian” basically a gentile?

    Gentiles can mean various things to the people who say it.
    I’m meaning it as not negative, but factually not Jewish .

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