Joel Richardson: Islam and the Church.

Why the Islamic Antichrist Theory Matters

“…there is one primary underlying point I would wish to make… and which I am struggling to awaken the Christian church regarding, it is the simple fact that Islam is the single greatest challenge the church will face before the return of Jesus. But until he returns, it is not going away.
The mandate of the church at this moment in history is to rise to meet the challenge of Islam. Now is not the time for armchair prophecy-enthusiast Christians to sit back and passively await the destruction of the Islamic world.


Numerous Western Christians today are openly calling for war with Iran, yet few are aware of the fact that Iran is experiencing the single greatest Christian revival in the world! (my emphasis – onesimus)


Now is not the time to pray for the judgment of the Islamic world. Now is the time for the church to lift up their eyes and recognize the fact that the fields are white unto harvest and pray that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers into the fields! (Matthew 9:37-38; John 4:35)

See whole article here


I emphasised the sentence about Iran because of the direction being taken by the USA under the leading of the President: anti Iran, but pro Saudi Arabia, when one of these nations is experiencing revival (Iran) and the other is at the heart of the extremist doctrine motivating Islamist terror throughout the world.

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