The Last Trump: Financing and Arming Terrorism

Donald Trump makes $100+ billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia and blames world terror on Iran.

Contrast with:

“Saudi Arabia responsible for world’s terrorist ideology”


US president Donald Trump has been courting the Saudis this week — sealing another arms deal, this time worth about 110 billion US dollars.

But leading Indian researcher Professor Brah-ma Chellaney of the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi has warned the Saudis cannot be trusted.

Money is the main reason why the United States in particular is unwilling to break its longstanding alliance with the gulf sheikdoms.


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Donald Trump launched a budget proposal Tuesday and, as may not be a surprise, it’s a horror. The pompously titled A New Foundation for American Greatness is a rightwing wish list of tax cuts for the rich and beatings for the poor. Fortunately, as with most things Trump, it’s as likely to become reality as his “great big beautiful wall”.

(note to 80% of white evangelicals who supported this man: “Is it not the rich who are exploiting you? Are they not the ones who are dragging you into court? Are they not the ones who are blaspheming the noble name of him to whom you belong?”)


5 thoughts on “The Last Trump: Financing and Arming Terrorism

  1. I was listening to a business show yesterday (the date I was listening to was either for yesterday or the day before), and an oil exec said (just as a matter of fact, not as a political pundit) that if the Iran deal weakens or falls through the result would quickly be that oil prices will rise (for others who sell oil).

  2. It was from Friday, actually. It had also to do with who would win the election in Iran.

  3. The hundred billion plus (in dollars) is the part that is more immediate; there are more hundreds of billions, plus, included in the deal to kick in as understood to be part of it over time.

    [Side Note: The Iranians elected the more moderate choice, the one who is less extreme, less “conservative” — less likely to be looking for war and more interested in a free society.]

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