Here a leak, There a Leak, Everywhere a US Leak (compromising security)

I’m speechless.

But obviously the US President isn’t and neither are US security services:.


Firstly, the President Donald Trump appears to have unilaterally released sensitive classified intelligence provided by an ally to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador in an Oval Office meeting.

Secondly, it appears that US officials have been providing information and photographs of the Manchester Arena bombing to US media before they are officially released by the British government.




Also see:

Trump calls North Korea leader ‘madman’

The US president told Duterte that Washington had sent two nuclear submarines to waters off the Korean peninsula, comments likely to raise further questions about his handling of sensitive information after US officials said Trump discussed intelligence about Islamic State with Russian officials this month.


Theresa May to tackle Donald Trump over Manchester bombing evidence

Prime minister will raise concerns at Nato summit that intelligence leaks from the US have damaged investigation .

British officials were infuriated on Wednesday when the New York Times published forensic photographs of sophisticated bomb parts that UK authorities fear could complicate the expanding investigation into the lethal blast in which six further arrests have been made in the UK and two more in Libya.


Photographs of Manchester bomb parts published after leak

A series of photographs of the remains of the bomb, the detonator and what appeared to be a rucksack were leaked. The preliminary investigation by the police is extremely detailed, down to the belief that the killer, Salman Abedi, held the small detonator in his left hand.

Suspicion on who leaked it to the US-based reporter rested on US officials, who have been feeding a series of details about the Manchester bombing to American journalists.

Leaking such inside information from the investigation will add to tensions between the US and UK over the extent to which much of the investigation is being leaked by authorities in America.

The latest revelations came hours after the home secretary, Amber Rudd, expressed irritation with the US and expressed hope that the leaks would stop

5 thoughts on “Here a leak, There a Leak, Everywhere a US Leak (compromising security)

  1. Newest info? And there’s so much constant info I haven’t been able to put it all forward even in a cursory way. But the latest is that Kushner (right-hand man and son-in-law of the president) wanted to set up a back channel with the Russians (the Kremlin) — using Russian cryptography so the American government wouldn’t be able to see (only the Russian government and autocrats). [Incidentally, he owns building 666.]

  2. Now there are arguments over what a backchannel really is, and whether or not there is precedent that backchannels are okay — since for instance Reagan used one for the Iran-Contra Scandal.

    Kushner is in great debt for his 666 building (on 5th Ave. or someplace like that),
    and he may be seeking financing from anywhere he can get it (as I suspect of Trump as well).

    As for leaks and all the disrespect, these are probably favors (or payoffs) as much as incompetence.

    Trump and his people, or agencies at his direction, leak things, and he complains
    about leaks (no matter if it’s a pretense that he didn’t do it himself or if it defies* national security).
    *Some of the leaks are for the sake actually of national security and ties to our allies; he doesn’t care.

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