Washington Turmoil: ABC Radio interview


Republicans are reeling over a daily stream of troubling revelations about President Trump and they’re frustrated at being unable to implement their agenda.




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  1. I would say that Trump (what he’s really aiming at and the bulk of his fanatics are too simple to know) IS “their agenda” (what’s really up, and most of us were fooled on for too long, and most still are) …

    … but on steroids.

    It’s all about wheeling and dealing, being the global elite…
    not subduing the global elite for the sake of the common man.

    I’m not talking about our traditional understanding of government as westerners.
    I’m talking about raw money and power. The cutthroats have been figuring it out worldwide.

  2. And, at the same time …

    Warren: Trump’s agenda moving forward despite Russia probe —
    Lawrence O’Donnell talks to Massachusetts Senior Senator Elizabeth Warren about Trump’s new budget. She shares her concern that the Russia investigation won’t distract the GOP-led Congress from repealing health care and passing massive spending cuts.
    Duration: 5:32

  3. http://player.theplatform.com/p/7wvmTC/MSNBCEmbeddedOffSite?guid=n_lw_bhealthcare_170503
    An urgent message about the latest GOP health bill —
    On the eve of the House vote on the latest repeal and replace bill, Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, tells Lawrence O’Donnell how the late changes to pick up GOP votes has made “an appalling bill significantly worse.” Duration: 6:15

  4. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc-live-with-ari-melber/watch/can-trump-jail-journalists-949865539800


    Can Trump jail journalists?

    Before firing FBI Director James Comey, President Trump reportedly raised the possibility of jailing journalists. Will his next FBI director be more willing to follow through on that threat?
    Duration: 9:27




    MSNBC: will GOP healthcare plan protect preexisting conditions?
    YouTube · 5/8/2017

    I’m still trying to find a clip with Ali Velshi and others from yesterday on health care.


    {A quick note: I noticed Warren, in an earlier post (with link) of mine, was using very similar terminology as what I’ve been saying lately. She characterizes the budget and health care intentions by the Republicans as being “on steroids” for instance. That’s true, that what they talk about doing legislatively is extreme. But to be clear, what I was saying before that (the previous post of mine) was concerning world dominance, not the normal (however ridiculous) activity per our houses of Congress. Yet they are connected.}

  5. A brief comment on the Philippines phone call (referred to in one of the links above). We’ve heard it before, Trump’s admiration for the Philippines’ president’s lack of civilized ways, even the enthusiasm for extrajudicial executions. Hmm. Why should such executions be limited to alleged drug users/dealers… or to the Philippines, other than Trump claiming he never uses drugs?

    The politician in Montana (see link above too) who won after physically assaulting a Guardian journalist apologized for the assault after winning… after accusing the journalist of starting the altercation before he won. Someone called out from his fans, “and you are forgiven!” Who is that person or anyone else to supposedly forgive the right wing nut job for something done to someone else?

  6. There is a video embedded with this article, and significantly more to the article here.

    …… Her lobbying failed to stop state funding cuts that hobbled the courts. Some legislators appeared dismissive. A male assemblyman described her as “attractive” but said he didn’t agree with her.

    Seven years later, Cantil-Sakauye is not so easily dismissed.

    Settled in as California’s top judge, she is speaking her mind, calling on the Trump administration to keep its immigration agents away from state courthouses and giving a highly publicized address that reflected California’s jitters about the new president.


    Judges told her that immigration agents were going into courthouses, intimidating immigrants there to testify or deal with other legal matters. A reception room in a dependency court in Southern California cleared out after someone said there was an agent in the building. Some immigrants stopped sending their children to school.

    “This was ongoing,” she said of the reports.

    Cantil-Sakauye, mindful of a need to be impartial, did not want to appear to be critical of the law. She is a former prosecutor who put people in prison, and her husband is a retired police lieutenant. She owes her appointments to a series of Republican governors.

    “I decided to write a letter,” she said.


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