Последний Козырь (19 мая)

The Last Trump (May 19)


From ABC Radio

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is heading up an investigation into US President Donald Trump and his team’s alleged links to Russia.

Commentators say this may work for Trump if he has nothing to hide, but this is not the only issue facing the embattled President.





With the focus now fully on the potential links between Russia and the US, the Trump presidency looks to have painted itself into a corner. But then, we’ve heard that before.




From The Australian




From Yahoo news

Donald Trump ‘will find a way to resign’, says president’s ghostwriter

Tony Schwartz, who ghostwrote Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal’ book, said that the controversial president will claim “victory” by resigning before he is impeached.

He told CNN: “He lacks empathy, the ability to really connect with other people, self-awareness and above all, a conscience … there is no right and wrong – there is winning and losing.



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  1. Besides the interesting and scary picture of the White House being made to look and even be more like the Kremlin, we might be able to see oil as at least part of what influences/colors the change.

    I haven’t read the Time article, so I don’t know if they touch on that in terms of deals in Russia and in Antarctica. Below are links on oil matters that have moved significantly since Trump came into office.

    Jordan on Dakota Access Pipeline ALREADY Leaking
    TYT Politics 19,358 views 22:49 duration



  2. Trump has said Islam hates us, and has criticised much about Saudi Arabia (by definition).

    But now he says to “drive them [extremists/terrorists] out … of your [Saudi] holy land.”

    To which I respond (to both Trump and his base, as well as “Republicans”) …

    “What do you mean?”https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=what+do+you+mean+on+jimmy+fallon&view=detail&mid=4EFB45CEABE8059CEE424EFB45CEABE8059CEE42&FORM=VIRE

    That one’s just a few seconds; this one is longer — credit where credit is due:


  3. Hi Marleen, Those videos aren’t available for viewing in Australia.

    Regarding Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, he’s just done a massive arms deal with the country responsible for exporting and financing some of the worst Islamic extremists – including the Sept 11 attacks, and those “educating” terrorists in various Islamic schools and camps.

  4. Exactly!

    Remember when there were “revivals” going on in Florida,
    and some spiritually astute people were saying
    false prophets “will kick [are kicking] you in the face and you won’t be bothered by it”?

  5. [The videos are Justin Bieber singing quite well. The longer one starts with one of your favorite people who has just been interviewed (an author, the reason I was watching in the first place), then goes to the introduction of the new music album and the full performance.]

  6. A four by four sink hole appeared at the front of Mar-a-Lago today, by the way.

  7. I just heard some terminology from a law enforcement analyst. The scene where a bomb has gone off, the scene of the blast, is called “the crater” (as a slang term)… where they look for evidence.

  8. There was a lot of good (informative) news on Friday and Monday (probably the weekend, too, but I don’t know as I was very busy). That has been overwhelmed by coverage of the bomb in Manchester.

    It only takes one person to distract from shenanigans with carnage.

  9. https://panampost.com/editor/2017/04/25/why-trump-should-have-followed-his-own-advice-about-staying-out-of-syria/


    Syria’s fate has little impact on U.S. security. During the Cold War the regime, headed by Assad’s father, was allied with the Soviet Union. After being defeated by Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Damascus retreated to a cold war with Israel. Syria meddled in neighboring Lebanon, but with little impact on anyone else. Despite Syria’s friendship with Iran, the latter remained well behind the military capabilities of Saudi Arabia and its Sunni coalition.

    Even if Syria mattered more it would not justify intervention by the U.S. Policymakers have turned military action into a first resort, but war is different in kind and not just in degree from other policy options. It should be reserved to protect America, which is not threatened by the Syrian civil war.

    Bombs Away

    Today Syria is a wreck and has international significance primarily as a battlefield. Even if Iran and Russia are able to “save” Assad ……

  10. “US leak of Manchester attacker’s name strikes new blow to intelligence sharing”


    “Naming of Salman Abedi by ‘US officials’ hours before it was announced by UK authorities is latest in series of leaks that may damage credibility with allies.”

    “American officials have been criticised for leaking the identity of the Manchester bomber before British police officially named him.
    Salman Abedi was identified in media reports that attributed “US officials” as the source even as their British counterparts remained tight-lipped.”

    “Although UK journalists had Abedi’s name, the UK government and Greater Manchester police declined to confirm it more than two hours after it appeared in the US press. Earlier in the day, the government indicated it might not release the name at all on Tuesday because the investigation was continuing.”

  11. This is terrible. And a few weeks ago, Trump was saying the U.K. had wire tapped him if Obama himself hadn’t. Then there were other blows to our allies in the U.K. Now, IN Israel, this man says, “I never said the word or the name, Israel.” Well, no one said he did! But with that statement, he then had!

  12. IN Israel, this man says, “I never said the word or the name, Israel.” Well, no one said he did! But with that statement, he then had!

    I’m speechless.

    In a strange kind of way it reminds me of an interview I saw on TV years ago where the person being interviewed tried to avoid an awkward question by claiming that she had lost the audio from the interviewer and therefore couldn’t hear his questions. (rough paraphrase below)

    Interviewer: “There’s no problem with the audio. You can hear everything I say.
    Interviewee (to person off camera): Why does he say I can hear him? When I can’t hear a word he says?

  13. Ex-CIA chief: Trump staff had enough contact with Russia to justify FBI inquiry


    The former CIA director, John Brennan, has said there were enough contacts between members of the Trump campaign and Moscow by last summer to justify further investigation by the FBI.

    In testimony to the House intelligence committee, Brennan gave the fullest account to date of the scale of the effort to combat Russian operations to affect the outcome of the 2016 elections.

    He confirmed that the CIA had set up a special group with the NSA and FBI in late July to investigate the extent of Russian intervention in the presidential election. He briefed congressional leaders on the threat and on 4 August he warned Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the Russian intelligence agency, FSB, in a telephone call to stop the meddling, telling him it would backfire. Bortnikov told Brennan he would pass on the message to Vladmir Putin.

    Asked about Trump’s reported sharing of top-secret intelligence with Russian officials in the Oval Office, Brennan replied that, if true, Trump’s actions would have violated two intelligence protocols. One of those protocols dictated that such secrets should be shared through intelligence channels and not through ministers and diplomats. Secondly, the language shared with the Russians should have been cleared by the agency that first provided the intelligence.

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  15. http://player.theplatform.com/p/7wvmTC/MSNBCEmbeddedOffSite?guid=a_lw_ablockyateshearing_170508



    Sally Yates warned the White House that Michael Flynn could be compromised
    by the Russians — but some [Republicans] at her Senate hearing were more concerned
    with how a newspaper learned that Flynn wasn’t telling the truth. Duration: 14:50

    [Of course, we don’t know if he lied to the administration or they all knew.]

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