The Last Trump (the Russia Question)

More about the man that 80% of voting white “evangelicals” helped put in the Whitehouse.

Tomorrow the US President Donald Trump will mark his 100th day in office.

His team has been working hard to make some policy headway in the lead-up.

Yet the shadow of Russia continues to loom over the President’s every move.

The web of alleged connections between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia’s government are difficult to understand.

There’s a lot of smoke, but no clear indication of a smoking gun.


This issue had seemed to have slipped a little from the news after Trump’s attack on the Syrian airbase (There’s nothing like a bit of Presidential military aggression to deflect attention from potentially damaging/embarrassing news)




3 thoughts on “The Last Trump (the Russia Question)

  1. That was a good radio review.

    Here is some background information on one aspect.

    That was linked to from this article. After it, below is a link to a third (another from newyorker). This isn’t about Russia so much, except at the end.

    This isn’t one of my favorite news sources (in dependable style), but this article gets the story across.

    He’s such a jerk. This is an abusive or harassing behavior. He goes on to say, no, no, just kidding. But subsequently, it has been said they need to keep an eye on her and maybe muzzle her speech.

    She has had the strongest and clearest voice about Russia and Russian/Putin violence, aggression and so on. Given the Russia hankering amongst Trump people, seems typical they’d want to tamp her down.

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