Return of “The Last Trump”

Potentially interesting.

“Mike Flynn hints he would testify in Trump-Russia inquiry in exchange for immunity”

“Immunity is typically sought to avoid penalty for breaking the law. Flynn agreed with the characterization while discussing the partial immunity granted to an aide to Hillary Clinton amid the federal government’s investigation of the former secretary of state’s use of a private email server at the state department.

Speaking to NBC’s Meet the Press in September, two months before the election, Flynn stated: “When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime.”


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  1. He was also implying that a person around whom people are seeking immunity is corrupt (herself… or himself, unless being bold and brash is commendable when a man or Republican does it).

    3/28/17 Trump White House a poor source for facts —
    Rachel Maddow looks at the facility with which the Donald Trump White House lied
    about their desire to produce a military spectacle as part of the inauguration ceremony,
    and notes the lesson that Trump’s White House is not a useful source for factual information.
    Duration: 12:40
    Chaffetz explains his indifference towards Trump’s alleged corruption
    03/31/17 10:09 AM—UPDATED 03/31/17 01:59 PM
    By Steve Benen

    5 HOURS AGO [At five pm o’clockish on Friday (U.S. time).]

    “Wealthy folks have no need to steal or engage in corruption.”

    “He’s very rich. I don’t think that he ran for this office to line his pockets even more. I just don’t see it like that.”

    Kudlow, Chaffetz, and others who think along these lines are pathetic, miserable excuses that have no business…

    Trump steps in to keep 30-year-old NSC aide:
    Bannon and Kushner prevail on the president to
    override his national security adviser and keep a Flynn protégé.
    By KENNETH P. VOGEL and ELIANA JOHNSON 03/14/17 09:47 PM EDT
    President Donald Trump has overruled a decision by his national security adviser,
    Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, to sideline a key intelligence operative who fell out of favor …….

    3/30/17 Flynn testimony offer jolts Trump Russia case —
    Shane Harris, senior writer for The Wall Street Journal, talks with Rachel Maddow about
    breaking news that disgraced Donald Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn has offered
    to testify in the Russia investigation in exchange for immunity. Duration: 15:48

    This video also brings in the question of how the vice president could’ve not known.

    Flynn stayed at White House 17 days after DOJ tipped them off —
    Why did it take 17 days after fmr. Acting AG Sally Yates tipped off the White House about Mike Flynn before he was let go? MSNBC’s Brian Williams talks to fmr. CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash. Duration: 3:38
    Jeremy Bash: Our system of checks and balances is at stake —
    MSNBC’s Brian Williams talks to former CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash about exactly what’s at stake for our democracy when it comes to learning about Russia’s influence in our elections. Duration: 1:31
    Jeremy Bash: If White House is a runaway train, brakes are out —
    MSNBC’s Brian Williams asks former CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash to give some perspective on news that Michael Flynn is reportedly looking to trade Russia testimony for legal immunity. Duration: 0:49

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