One thought on ““Why God Allows Suffering: A Hypothetical Conversation”, by Jeff Weddle

  1. Good post — as well as his previous one, Manic-Depressive Christianity.

    I know someone who I just figured out (a couple weeks or so ago) has cycles at least
    of spiritual mania. I don’t think he gets depressed; he gets angry and abusive. But the manic
    smiling stage is also abusive (suggested by Jeff’s mention of superiority). There’s usually a book or
    some outside influence and excuse [previously various personalities within a cult-like church]; he’s now picked (in the vein of positive thinking and self-improvement) the author(s) of “The Four Agreements” and ” The fifth Agreement” and so forth. I’ve noticed these books hanging on corner racks at craft stores [no, he is not into crafts]. It seems to me one can often see at least something not totally goofy in a self-help book. But it’s up to the reader not to fall head over heels (and at some point to stop falling for the feeling of a need for these books in general). So, yeah, there might be mistakes in your upbringing; doesn’t make you God.

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