Terrorism: Addressing the Westo-centric Bias.

Where is the sense of balance or proportion.? The data shows that less than 3% of deaths from terrorism occur in Western countries like the UK, the US or Australia.

The US Department of State, in its report on terrorism in 2015, reported that there were a total of 28,328 deaths from terrorism worldwide. The main countries where the deaths occurred were Iraq 6,932; Afghanistan 5,292; Pakistan 1,081; India 281; Nigeria 4,886; Egypt 656; Philippines 258; Thailand 75; Libya 462; Syria 2,748. No Western country was anywhere near in the ‘top’ ten…

…Our media relies on feeds from London or New York and is largely ignorant or unconcerned about the plight of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. After all, they are not people like us!

From: “JOHN MENADUE. Our White Man’s Media again on display in London terrorist attack.”

full article here:

More from the same writer:

…terrorist attacks in Australia have claimed the lives of only three people in the last decade’. ‘Australians have little to fear from terrorism at home – here’s why’.

Compare this terrorist risk to other risks in our lives.

  • In the two years 2014 and 2015, more than 318 people, mainly women, died from domestic violence. We spend billions to counter terrorism, but we spend a pittance on protecting women and children in the home.
  • Australia’s daily alcohol toll is 15 deaths and 430 hospitalisations. But blaming Muslim extremists is much easier than taking on the powerful alcohol lobby.
  • …during 2003-12, there were 2,617 homicides, 190 deaths from accidental gun discharges, 137 rural workers and farmers died from falling off vehicles, 206 died from electrocution and 1,700 indigenous people died from diabetes…
  • The Australian Climate Institute estimates that more than 1,000 Australians die each year due to higher temperatures which are very likely caused by global warming…

…But despite all the evidence about these risks being far greater than the risk of terrorism, there is no doubt that Australians are worried about the terrorist threat.

Why is that?


31 thoughts on “Terrorism: Addressing the Westo-centric Bias.

  1. News Corporation. Yes; bears great responsibility. Interesting the use of western in this context — Australia looking to London instead of thinking things through independently (or critically). Usually, I think we need to be careful about pinpointing our problems or sins as being westo-centric (generally). For instance, the recent love affair with Putin and Russia is more about holding to white people (with some undercurrent — more consciously to some people and less so to others — of that being indicative of the right religion).

    I think it’s fine to consider values within the cultural context of western history and learning. (It’s also fine to consider other input if I find something rings true in another tradition. But I’m more familiar with what I grew up in, and that’s okay… even good.) Still, what has developed in our thinking is deeper and more nuanced than punishing anyone who isn’t Christian or white. And we value “children” growing up to think for themselves, not remaining forever tethered as if they have no responsibility or worthy perceptions themselves.

  2. I’m quite confident that there’s no ambiguity when understanding what is referred to as “Western” in world political culture – even though the political “west” extends through all compass points.

    An alternative term could be “first world” – but using that phrase is probably more problematical than referring to “the west”.

    While the identity of “western” nations has been reasonable easy to define, the Putin “love affair” has the potential to blur the lines – maybe in a similar way to what happened with the initial fall of the “iron curtain” and the freeing of formerly communist nations from Russian influence. However the potential changes seem to lean in the opposite direction, towards Russia, not only with Trump, but also Marine le Pen from France’s far right getting friendly with Putin. Now doesn’t THAT shake up the traditional left/right political divide?

    Don’t overlook the fact that News Corporation, which has so much influence throughout the world, is owned by an Australian (albeit one who gave up his Australian citizenship so he could grow his empire in the US).
    [As an aside, he is the son of Keith Murdoch, a man given credit for bringing to end the deadly stalemate in Gallipoli during WWI by bringing to light what was really going on.]

  3. Apologies, to start. I usually like to read more than one post (especially at a new — to me — site), and on a similar topic of possible. I did that with this article [as well as the page “about” the owner]:
    [I forgot, after the “about” page, that I need to go back twice.]
    Our White Man’s Media again on display in London terrorist attack.
    Posted on 27 March 2017

    To hide the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and the grievous consequences thereafter we are encouraged to focus on a symptom-terrorism- flowing from the invasion, rather than the invasion itself.


    But our White Man’s Media avoids the obvious.

    One consequence of the disaster that has unfolded in the Middle East has been the millions of refugees who have fled and seek sanctuary elsewhere. But even there we try to avoid responsibility and play politics with the most vulnerable people on earth.

    At some point we will have to be a national reckoning to expunge our guilt and complicity at what we helped set in train in Iraq in 2003.

    In our national life of the last decade, two major failings stand out. The first is our inability to respond adequately to the challenge of global warming. The second is the calamity set in motion by John Howard in the invasion of Iraq. On both these issues the media and particularly News Corporation bear a heavy responsibility.

    A whole anti-terrorist industry – government, non-government and even universities – has grown up in the West to combat terrorism. It is a great money-spinner for many. Terrorism is a threat, but we have it all out of proportion.

    … We badly need some honest history from our media. …

    I don’t know who he’s quoting at the beginning:
    I have often commented that a person from Mars reading or listening to our media would conclude that Australia is an island parked off London or New York.

  4. “… and on a similar topic, if possible. ……”

    Oh. You did quote from that one too (slaps forehead).

  5. I don’t know who he’s quoting at the beginning: I have often commented that a person from Mars…

    I’m not sure he’s actually quoting someone or just stating something he’s regularly said before, but confusing the issue with his use of italics.

    I’ve tried to find another reference to the “quote” but it all seems to lead back to that particular post.

  6. [As an aside, he is the son of Keith Murdoch, a man given credit for bringing to end the deadly stalemate in Gallipoli during WWI by bringing to light what was really going on.]


  7. We have a similar thing here where several large businesses, including fossil fuel companies are calling on the government to introduce a “carbon price” to help reduce emissions – but our Government continues to reject the call, having previously removed the “carbon price” introduced by the previous government.

  8. Maybe a “carbon price” can make sense — if it doesn’t allow for “offsets.”

    Aside from that, though, I don’t know yet what to make of Exxonmobil in this.

  9. Sorry Jeanne.
    I deleted my earlier ill-informed comment.

    Too much bad stuff going on recently in the “name of Christ”, or supported by “christians”, and I “jumped the gun” expecting more of the same.

  10. “Jeanne, what on earth do you consider to be the Kingdom of God?”

    ‘How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” Isaiah 52:7

  11. So Tim, what did you think of the video and FAI’s work in Iraq?

    Great to see this response to “refugees” and those whose life has been disrupted by the evils of ISIS. A wonderful change from the usual response.

    As one of the men in the video says, there’s a lot of unhelpful things in the media related to this situation, unhelpful things that are further fuelled by voices of political opportunism.

  12. Glad you agree with me for once, Tim. As followers of Yeshua, the Gospel should be our focus, and we should be supporting organizations like FAI (http://www.faimission.org) at the very least.

    Tim, you really need to get acquainted with men like Joel Richardson (not his real name, for obvious reasons) and Dalton Thomas, who has also published one book under the name Dalton Lifsey (https://www.amazon.com/Controversy-Zion-Time-Jacobs-Trouble/dp/0473190680/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1490965796&sr=1-1&keywords=dalton+lifsey).

    I also highly recommend the recent documentary films by FAI, which you can find at the below link. They are highly professional and can now be viewed for free on VIMEO. They are must views, IMO, for the times we are living in. Start with “Covenant and Controversy.” As Joel Richardson has said, at the Bible is Israel-centric, Messiah-centric, and Jerusalem-centric. Israel is the center of end times events, and Christians must be prepared for what is coming.


    Dalton Thomas on YouTube, with Joel Richardson, Reggie Kelly (http://the.mysteryofisrael.org), and Bryan Purtle:

    Get acquainted with Reggie Kelly (I’ve met him) and Bryan Purtle as well. FYI, Reggie and others have Saturday evening online discussions on YouTube, “God’s Foretold Work”(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdf5SKeBgY7vz3XMMVPySWg)

    I will also put in a plug for Joel’s most recent book on the harlot of Babylon. There are several “Underground” Episodes on this at his website (https://joelstrumpet.com). Here’s the trailer:


    Hi Jeanne, I found this had been dropped in the “spam” file. I think you repeated a lot of it in a later comment, but wanted to let you know what had happened to THIS one. – Tim.

  13. http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/cries-from-syriahttp://www.criesfromsyria.com
    …. details the horrors of the battle between President Bashar Assad’s authoritarian regime against rebel groups including the Free Syrian Army (and later involving the Islamic State, Russian forces and other groups).

    Afineevsky gives crucial attention to the many women, children and older people whose lives and families have been ravaged by the hyper-brutality of the Assad regime and its supporters. Input from resident journalists, human rights defenders and government army defectors further enlightens.

    Harrowing footage of innocent Syrians fleeing …


  14. “Too much bad stuff going on recently in the “name of Christ”, or supported by “christians”, and I “jumped the gun” expecting more of the same.”

    Then perhaps you need to adjust your perspective. I recommend you get acquainted with the young men in the video – Joel Richardson, Dalton Thomas, etc. You’re not going hear about these things via The Guardian. 🙂 Look up Reggie Kelly, and Bryan Purtle as well.

    Read Dalton Thomas’ and Joel Richardson’s books.

    These are a good place to start, and I recommend you take the time to view them. They aren’t lengthy. Dalton Thomas, Reggie Kelly, Bryan Purtle, and Joel Richardson; you’ll get a good idea of where they are coming from:

    FYI, Reggie Kelly is amazing, a very astute teacher. I’ve met him. This is his website, The Mystery of Israel: http://the.mysteryofisrael.org. Teachers: http://the.mysteryofisrael.org/convocation-2011/ (I’ve met all of these men as well; Mark Klafter and Fred London are Jewish believers).

    Also,”God’s Foretold Work”, Saturday evening online discussions with Reggie Kelly and others (most of whom I’ve met): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdf5SKeBgY7vz3XMMVPySWg. Yes, I watch them every Saturday evening, and they can go on for up to three hours and more! I wouldn’t miss them for anything.

    Watch the documentary films from Frontier Alliance International, with Dalton Thomas, Joel Richardson, Barry Horner, Scott Volk, Dr. Michael Brown (Scott Volk and Dr. Brown are also Jewish believers. These films are must views, IMO. They now free to view on VIMEO. Here’s the link to their films, and I would start with “Covenant and Controversy, Part One: The Great Rage: http://www.faimission.org/film-library/

    The news will always be there, and so will political differences. Everyone has their opinion and I’m really not interested in most of them. Our perspective must be eschatological, because Daniel’s 70th seek is at our doorstep, and we MUST understand that what is happening has to happen and prepare the church. I think the Persian Ram of Daniel 8 is getting ready to start a war in the Middle East. You think things are bad now? It’s difficult to say, but Iran has to rise. God has told us so.

  15. Yes, I’m aware of Reggie Kelly and have occasionally visited his website. I used to be in regular contact with Fred London, a one-time friend/associate of his but lost contact several years ago. There seemed to have been a parting of ways between the two. I always had a lot of respect for Fred and miss the interaction with him. As for Kelly, from memory, at times he seemed far too steeped in Calvinist thinking.

    I checked out Joel Richardson a while ago at your recommendation, and while there seemed to be the promise of something worthwhile, I found that promise wasn’t fulfilled – I don’t recall why.

    As for politics, the reason for my political posts has been to address the ongoing “evangelical” support of politicians and political ideologies that are clearly contrary to Jesus and His Kingdom. And I see THAT reality is also very relevant to events of the end times as addressed in my post here:

  16. I found that promise wasn’t fulfilled – I don’t recall why.

    Ah yes, I’ve now looked at his website again and have seen why.
    Sadly he seemed no less caught up in the Trump and patriotism trap than Bill Randles. Although to Richardson’s credit, unlike Randles, he didn’t seem to use manipulative and lying videos to enhance his views (as far as I’ve seen).

  17. Reggie Kelly and Fred London have not parted ways. Fred is still a regular speaker at the convocations in Ohio. He is a sober and dear brother. His is a much needed voice of admonition to the church. There was a personal tragedy in his family last year; his infant granddaughter died of SIDS.

    “Sadly he seemed no less caught up in the Trump and patriotism trap than Bill Randles.”

    Joel Richardson has never been “caught up” in a “patriotism trap.” He has never promoted political candidates. I certainly don’t dismiss you out of hand because of your political leanings and writings. I don’t know how you vote (and I don’t care), but I would never dismiss you because of your voting choices. In the past you have had excellent posts on many topics. I don’t dismiss brothers and sisters simply because of their politics. Disagreements are necessary to the sharpening of iron.

    I can’t speak to Reggie’s “Calvinist leanings”. Perhaps I might ask him about this the next time I see him. It doesn’t change my opinion of him, however.

    Most, if not all, of the core/original members of the fellowship at The Mystery of Israel came to Christ during the Jesus movement of the late 60’s/70’s. They all knew Art Katz. I describe them as “book of Acts believers.” And they do have differing views on certain things, including politics. However, they approach these differences with grace and liberty, something that is sadly lacking in many circles. Each of them brings their spiritual gifts to the discussion.

    I’m glad to hear that you and Marlene are familiar with Art Katz. His book, “Ben Israel” is a raw and powerful testimony.

    Hope you both have a good week!

  18. “I checked out Joel Richardson a while ago at your recommendation, and while there seemed to be the promise of something worthwhile, I found that promise wasn’t fulfilled”

    What “promise” are you referencing? I certainly didn’t make any “promises” to you.

  19. “Reggie Kelly was an associate of Art Katz (r.i.p.), as I recall. Yes, we (here) are familiar.”

    That’s an encouraging sign.

  20. There was definitely a parting of the ways several years ago, but if Fred is again a regular speaker at the convocations, whatever the issue was must have been resolved.

    Well, seeing Joel Richardson’ smiling photo with Mike Pense, along with the content of the post it illustrated was more than enough to show his political bias, that he found voting for Trump despite his demonstrated character, was a better option for a Christian than not voting at all.

    I suppose he at least expressed some reservations – despite acting against those reservations, and then trying to justify himself for doing so.
    But then again, I haven’t found him trying to influence voters one way or another prior to the election, unlike others.
    It’s NOT primarily a matter of who a person votes for, but who they actively PROMOTE and for what reason and how they go about it.

    As for my voting choice, in Australia I don’t favour one party over another. I don’t promote one party over another. Here voting is compulsory and I vote according to the policies of the day.
    Currently for the Federal election I would vote against the incumbent Liberal National Coalition Government (the conservatives). I find them exceedingly dishonest, dysfunctional, and lacking in policy. What alternatives will be on offer I’ll have to assess at the time.
    However in a State election I would probably vote FOR the incumbent Liberal National Coalition. They have recently changed leader and she seems far more moderate than the man she replaced, when he retired.

    Over the past decade and a half the Lord has opened my eyes to various areas of danger to the church. Firstly it was the Charismanic excesses promoted by the offspring of the “Toronto Blessing”, secondly it was Calvinism, and most recently the mix of Christianity with patriotism; an extreme problem in America, but like in so many things, if America sneezes, Australia catches cold.

    A person can only serve one master.

  21. What “promise” are you referencing? I certainly didn’t make any “promises” to you

    I was referring to the fact that Richardson’s ministry seemed promising at first, but after a little digging I found that promise wasn’t fulfilled. Maybe it was unfortunate that at the time he was posting about the evils of Hillary Clinton and why he voted for Trump despite his reservations.

  22. Tim said: Great to see this response to “refugees” and those whose life has been disrupted by the evils of ISIS. A wonderful change from the usual response.

    As one of the men in the video says, there’s a lot of unhelpful things in the media related to this situation, unhelpful things that are further fuelled by voices of political opportunism.

    And that media is mostly along the lines of News Corp (as has been touched on in this thread, which is very influential in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, and more) and that sort (like Limbaugh and so on). Also, we need to be careful about playing into the (ironic) message that News Corp has propagated as to a septic, negative attitude for “the media” or journalism. If media has to report on what, say, Donald Trump says, well, it’s not going to be pretty or edifying or true (and so on). That’s not their fault unless they refuse to fact check and be real news outlets. Sadly, pretty much everybody gave the Donald too much air time during election season; that was a failure. But (again ironically) too many Christians don’t see it that way.

  23. http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/trump-hides-signing-of-unpopular-legislation-914177603723
    Trump hides signing of unpopular legislation behind closed doors —

    Rachel Maddow shows how Donald Trump likes to make a big show of signing things unless he’s signing something he knows is unpopular, like stripping Americans’ internet privacy[… and making guns more readily available to mentally ill people,] which he signs behind closed doors.
    Duration: 17:13

    Rep. Schiff on Syria attacks, Susan Rice —

    Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, D – California, discusses [including Russia, Iran, etc.] the chemical attacks in Syria, […, Sec. of State Tillerson’s ill-advised recent statement that the Syrian people will be left to decide if they want Assad], leak allegations […, and Bannon].
    Duration: 9:12

    Jared Kushner’s ever-expanding White House role —
    From his surprise trip to Iraq to planning Pres. Trump’s upcoming meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, is Jared Kushner working as a shadow Secy. of State for the White House? Duration: 4:12

    Another — quick — look at the tongue-in-cheek statement about dynasties.
    Bobby Ghosh on why Jared Kushner might succeed in the Arab World —
    With Jared Kushner making a surprise visit to Iraq, Hindustan Times Editor-in-Chief explains why Trump’s son-in-law may have some diplomatic success in the Arab World. Duration: 0:29

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