Planet America

An excellent half hour of commentary, interviews, statistics and exposure of “Fake News”, related to America and the Trump administration.

Planet America
10 February 2017



(illustration only – click link above to access website with video)

3 thoughts on “Planet America

  1. That link was to a video on the ABC website. Maybe access is limited to Australia, which is unfortunate, because that particular show had some very interesting information. However, I suspect those who really need to hear that information would be unwilling to receive it; in particular a section on “Fake News”.

    The show ran throughout the whole election campaign and stopped after the election. However it was rebooted as soon as it was realised how “interesting” the Trump presidency was going to be.

    One of the parts that needs to be heard is a definition given of “refugee”. That the refugees being banned by Trump are those who have already been screened (vetted) in refugee camps in the Middle East and are mostly FAMILIES with young children, not young single men. The refugees AREN’T those who we’ve seen in news reports, in their tens of thousands, trying to find sanctuary in Europe.

  2. That’s right. We already (with Obama, before Trump) have very careful “vetting” in place — about as careful as you can get without trying to do something extreme like Trump’s travel ban.

    And I tend to think you’re right about people not listening when they need to. But I continue to try… in case anyone at all is interested in real information. There are glimmers here and there.

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