In the Land of the Blue Burqas


After finishing this book, I’ve written an updated version of the article/review that I’d posted here earlier.



2 thoughts on “In the Land of the Blue Burqas

  1. I find the topic frustrating, even annoying. I live in the west, I was taught to care what is right and wrong and what God wants or might want. Then the people who were in your camp or even were the teachers let you know, after the fact, they think you were an idiot for believing it in any depth. What does it say about them? What it says about me is that I choose not to believe what they were pushing (nor what they reveal now).

  2. I really wanted to hear this song today, and then wanted to share it. I can be thankful that I have never had to worry about this topic. Even in my Orthodox-friendly Messianic congregation, no one ever discouraged women from singing (which is not to say Barbra Streisand ever sang there):

    I also dare say they were encouraging to women in general (and more so than Evangelicals).

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