Nalliah in the news again.

Update related to my previous post.

Daniel Nalliah, leader of Catch the Fire Ministries and Rise Up Australia, says revocation is ‘a big blow to freedom of speech’

A Victorian religious group headed by the controversial leader of the Rise Up Australia political party has had its charity status revoked by the Australian government.

Catch the Fire Ministries, which is run by pastor and Rise Up Australia leader Daniel Nalliah, lost its charity status amid an investigation into the organisation’s activities and operations, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission said in a statement on Tuesday.

It’s understood the group lost its status due to its political affiliations with the party.

Under the Charities Act 2013, promoting or opposing a political party or candidate for political office disqualifies organisations from having charity status.

It’s time that Nalliah and others following the unholy hybrid of politics melded with religion, repented of their nationalist idolatry and turned to the gospel of GOD’s Kingdom.

It is also time to be rid of that idol “freedom of speech” that so many believers seem intent on promoting and defending, as if THAT was central to the gospel of Jesus.

To the Christian, “freedom of speech” is a political privilege in a few countries that for a time enables the gospel to be preached. It is not a “RIGHT” we are required or entitled to demand of earthly governments.

Despite common misunderstanding, God does not promote universal “free speech”.


also see here for more on freedom of speech: is nor a “RIGHT”

2 thoughts on “Nalliah in the news again.

  1. Losing their minds. What they want isn’t free speech, but free money (tax exemption for what they pretend is their legitimate “work” being the overlords for the minds of many). Each individual has free speech.

  2. Yes, that’s what they are really complaining about – that they are losing the tax exemption available to religious institutions.

    Their speech as citizens is not being curtailed. They are free to express whatever political opinions they want, but they want more than that, they want the right to tax free status that isn’t available to others promoting a political agenda.

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