Are You In The Market For Deception?

There are a lot of warnings in scripture about false teachers, false prophets and false Christ’s that would all be totally redundant if there wasn’t a need to alert people to the possibility of being turned from the truth to accept something contrary to the truth.

But not only are there warnings about deceivers, there are warnings about people who follow them. In Jeremiah a commentary on false prophets also turns an accusing finger upon those who welcome their messages: “My people love to have it so”; and Paul writes about people who collect teachers to appeal to their itching ears.

Without a “market” for deception, no deceiver would survive.

It seems today there is little difference between attitudes to theological ideas and the consumption of news. Does it really matter if the source is reliable as long as its message supports a desired stance?

Often it takes only a very cursory (honest) look into a teaching or news source to assess its truthfulness, but unless there is a genuine desire FOR the truth, it is easy to dismiss clear evidence if it contradicts what we WANT to believe.

Likewise it’s easy to ignore serious flaws in a teaching or news source if it’s PROMOTING what we want to believe.

It’s sad fact that many (even professing Christians) really have no love of the truth, preferring to mould a more appealing (to them) version of “reality” to live by.

5 thoughts on “Are You In The Market For Deception?

  1. I couldn’t put it better ! So I re-blogged these comments on my own blog. LOL.

    Again, THANKS for passing on the insights God gives you on our times !

    blessings, Steve

  2. Thanks for the re-blog Steve.

    Regarding “our times”, I remember my very early days as a believer, and how I was taught to expect “the rapture” at any moment, because it was clear from the sin in the world around us that the Lord’s return was DEFINITELY imminent.

    Move forward 40+ years and I can see how naïve we were back then. Not only regarding the (pre-trib) timing of the rapture, but in thinking the world was as bad is it could get. Looking around now, so many things have become accepted in the world (and even the “church”! – especially in the “church”!!!) that we could not have believed possible back then.

  3. Things like church pedophilia were happening back then. That’s among the worst of things. I’d say that’s worse than gay marriage (among consenting adults). But it is probably worse that people get worked up about something like gay marriage and get worked up in the wrong direction about things like jobs and pay and health care. People are becoming hard-hearted and think that’s the right way to be. But things can get way worse; watch how angry people get when Trump goes around stabbing everyone in the back like a sociopath. We will see, though. Maybe we will be able to dig down and find community strength and courage.

  4. Kate Taylor for Business Insider has reported that the fast-food CEO who is being appointed over the Labor Department (who happens, like most in his party, to be against a minimum wage) says he’s investing in machines because the government is making it difficult to afford employees and that “[Machines] are always polite, they always up-sell, they never take a vacation, they never show up late, there’s never a slip-and-fall or an age, sex, or race discrimination case.”

    We can evaluate at least most of this to be untrue, and some of it to be impertinent. We certainly know that machines don’t always work, which cuts into the notions of politeness and of being on time and not on vacation. Not sure up-selling is polite. And, of course, there are people needed to tend to the computerized machinery (usually not as many). Slipping and falling speaks again to not being able to work (which does befall machines), but also speaks to safe working environments.

    It seems to me that being against a minimum wage and workers and preferring automatons is anti-life. Age, race, and sex (and rights thereto) are aspects of humanity that apparently are annoyances to people like this guy. Oh, except that sexy (nearly pornographic) women eating burgers (for commercials) is about “as American” as anything gets according to him. Labor as a piece of government service is supposed to be about respecting workers, not about non-disclosure agreements, one-offs and exploitation.

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