The “News” of Bias and Hatred

“Pizzagate is a lie.  But what it says about our society is real”  by Ijeoma Oluo.



Americans who believe fake news aren’t duped. They willingly decide to accept whatever outrageous story fits their bias and hatred


In any other year, a story like “Pizzagate” would get you laughed out of the room. The conspiracy theory claiming that Hillary Clinton was part of an underground child-sex trafficking ring run out of a pizza shop, is bizarre and disturbing from start to finish. But in 2016 – a year where nothing seems to make sense anymore – a story like that can be cited as a motive for a crime.

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Also see related article here:


A fake news story was even tweeted by General Mike Flynn, Donald Trump’s pick for national security adviser. In the 3 November tweet he linked to a discredited story that suggested Hillary Clinton and her “crew” were involved in child abuse and added the comment “U decide.”

3 thoughts on “The “News” of Bias and Hatred

    Sorry this will start with a commercial (as usual). One of the jerks who spoke for Trump throughout the election cycle has said there are no facts. Interestingly, she did use the word “unfortunately.” There’s a small vestige of a conscience left there. Not so for Flynn or his son (who, on the Sunday right after the gunman pulled a gun at the pizza place, went on and said again that there’s a problem with Hillary and the pizza place).

  2. That video about “no facts” and Flynn’s appointment needs to be seen – but sadly, who will take notice of what it says when people are no longer interested in facts?

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