The Post Truth Generation by Tricia Tillin

A very timely and insightful article from Tricia Tillin at:


No matter the actual facts, people will believe what they want to, and TRUTH IS IRRELEVANT.

What better explanation of “post-truth” can we find?

The change in the world’s way of thinking, demonstrated by the Oxford Dictionary amongst others, is a reality that is and will impact us all. In particular, it opens the door to massive global deception on a scale never before experienced.

The phenomenon seems especially alive in Christian circles, perhaps because Christians are more likely to believe in the supernatural or apocalyptic predictions that non believers would dismiss out of hand.


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  1. An excellent and insightful read ! Thanks for that link.

    Does it surprise anyone that the concept and word “post-truth” seem to have originated in the Trumpian era of American politics ?

    Blessings to all here !

  2. Sadly it’s a term that’s quickly been picked up by Australian political parties to describe the rhetoric of other parties. Ironically, most cases the parties exhibit a “post truth” approach in their use of the term “post truth”.

  3. A fake news story was even tweeted by General Mike Flynn, Donald Trump’s pick for national security adviser. In the 3 November tweet he linked to a discredited story that suggested Hillary Clinton and her “crew” were involved in child abuse and added the comment “U decide.”

    (My emphasis – onesimus)

    Is that going to be the quality of security advice given by this man? Referring to discredited sources and adding “U decide”?

  4. General Flynn has been employed by Russia and by Turkey. People often talk about anti-Muslim things he has said. But it’s suspicious that he has said anti-Muslim things but is paid by the Turkish government and, at the same time, has urged our government to do what that government wants in the extradition of a Turkish person who has been living here in the United States. Erdogan says the person coordinated a coup in Turkey (and Erdogan has since killed and jailed many, many people in Turkey).

    I don’t know exactly how this ties together, but it’s a fact: the person Erdogan wants extradited from the U.S. has promoted charter schools in the U.S. (which my mother, a teacher, says in general are better than regular public schools… but I don’t trust her judgment, and she doesn’t know any details of various companies and so forth for charter schools). Trump, mean while, is planning to appoint a charter school heiress (who oversees not so well-rated charter schools in Michigan) over the Department of Education.

  5. “I don’t know exactly how this ties together, but it’s a fact: the person Erdogan wants extradited from the U.S. has promoted charter schools in the U.S.”

    That would be Fethullah Gulen. Joel Richardson and others have written about about him. Beware. While I have nothing against charter schools per se, Gulen’s schools, which have been under Federal investigation, should not be promoted. Gulen is currently holed up in a self-imposed exile in the Poconos (Pennsylvania).ülen

  6. Thanks for the links Jeanne, hopefully I’ll get the time to have a closer look later today.

    One of the descriptions for another of his videos is interesting: “In this episode, Joel discusses why ex-General Michael Flynn, Trump’s newly appointed national security advisor needs to be fired”. I look forward to seeing that one too.


    I just don’t know, precisely, how that ties in with General Flynn being paid by the Turkish government and the Russian government and the coup in Turkey (which may or may not have been real).

  8. “I just don’t know, precisely, how that ties in with General Flynn being paid by the Turkish government and the Russian government and the coup in Turkey (which may or may not have been real).”

    Are you referring to the links you posted?? Joel Richardson explains this in one of the links I provided. He has an excellent grasp of Turkey and its politics, Erdogan, and “Turkish Islam”, and how this all ties in with end times events.

  9. Jeanne, I’m really looking forward to seeing those Joel Richardson videos and hearing what he has to say about Turkey. It’s a nation a that seems to have been ignored in most views of end-times, and yet, the seven churches from the beginning of Revelation (to whom Revelation was basically written) were all in what is now Turkey. One of those churches was based in a city that Jesus described as being “where Satan’s throne is”.
    Turkey also became the capital of the Ottoman (Muslim) empire that controlled the Promised Land for centuries right up to the beginning of the 20th Century.

  10. Jeanne, I have begun looking at your links (but that was not what I was referring to). I will have to listen some more (and over again) to Joel. But it sounds, so far, like the Turkish government was originally set up to purposefully have a coup (via the military) if the government (administration) became too islamist. However, the recent coup (while Joel Richardson said it was a legitimate coup) was not that intended kind of coup. Instead, the Islamists were taking more power. Then again, sounds like more than one side is Islamist.

  11. I’ve watched a couple of Richardson’s videos and found he had some interesting things to say, but the content of the one about “The Trump Administration and Turkey” also showed how nationalism and trust in politics leads Christians to confusion and inconsistency.

    Richardson condemns the Clintons; votes for Trump, and then proceeds to reveal the foolishness of Trump’s political appointment of General Flynn and calls for that decision to be overturned.

    But if Trump has made such an inappropriate appointment to such an important position so early – what other kind of decisions can be expected? And how many more times in the next four years will Christians be called upon to scramble to try to get decisions of their chosen candidate reversed?

    When Christianity is blended with nationalist politics (of any persuasion) an unholy hybrid is created that has nothing to do with the Kingdom God or the gospel of the Kingdom.

    While as Christians we have the right to vote, if we live in a democratic nation, as citizens of God’s Kingdom our involvement in the PROMOTION of political candidates can actually be detrimental to our Christian witness, especially when that candidate has a known lack of regard for the truth or morality.

    When Christians play a part in making corrupt political decisions (no matter what political ideology is behind it) – they make themselves culpable for the outcomes of those political decisions. And that culpability increases exponentially when corrupt methods are used in aligning with a favoured political side.

  12. …..

    One lawyer told Al-Monitor that the proposed law “normalizes a crime against humanity.”

    With the intense public condemnation, the AKP agreed Nov. 22 to recall the proposed law — for now.

    The AKP has been quite successful in reversing progressive laws it had introduced over the years. For example, in 2005 it was the AKP-led government that approved a change making sex with minors under 15 statutory rape, period. That is, rapists could no longer avoid jail time by agreeing to marry their victims, even if the marriage had the child’s or parents’ consent. Indeed, over the years, the AKP also approved legislation that increased jail time to 16 years for statutory rape, up from 5 years.

    After the legislation was passed, people apparently felt freer to report rapes. The number of reported rape cases from 2008 to 2013 increased 30%, and about half of the victims were minors. Data for sexual harassment of minors from 2004 to 2014 is also scary: Court cases rose to 18,104, up from 4,032 — an increase of almost 450%.

    Rape cases are always in the news in Turkey. Over the past couple of years, statutory rape in juvenile prisons, religious schools and boarding houses has affected hundreds of children. The most notorious case involves the Ensar Foundation — known for its intricate links with the government — where 10 boys were raped. The minister of family and social services criticized the press coverage of the case, saying, “Just because this happened once, we should not tarnish the reputation of Ensar Foundation.”

    The recalled bill is a continuation of what started in December, when the AKP-controlled Constitutional Court first canceled the required 16-year sentence for statutory rape. Then, in May, Al-Monitor reported on a parliamentary investigative commission that recommended decreasing the legal age for marriage. The commission recommended that rapists who agree to marry their victims should be forgiven, and that religious marriages should be allowed at a younger age than civil marriages, along with other mind-boggling suggestions. Just two days before the July 15 failed coup, the court decided that even the age of 15 was not appropriate for defining statutory rape — because raping a girl of that age should not carry the same consequences as raping a 4-year-old. Those steps did not garner sufficient public attention to make headlines, but the new proposal hit a nerve.


    Read more:

  13. Onesimus — I will be posting your comments at Joel’s website, with a link to this blog entry.

  14. That’s an example of something that should fit within Clinton’s statement about female reproductive health: “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will and deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

    And yet most seemed to see the message they were deceived into seeing, that Clinton demanded that they “Kneel and deny your Christian faith”.

  15. Tim,

    On second thought I’ve decided against posting your comments at Joel’s site; I believe prudence dictates that I don’t do it, and it would be better that you speak for yourself.

    I can’t speak for Joel’s moderation process, but I’m sure if you have questions or comments they would get through. Regards.

  16. *I have shared this in some form previously, on this site and others (originating on another).*

    Marleen says:
    {October 19, 2016 at 5:19 am} [Note: I don’t know what time zone that is. I will put the site times in {}.]
    Marleen says:
    {October 19, 2016 at 5:53 pm}
    Too bad Milania never did the news conference the Donald promised, to prove she’s got all her papers in order. But nobody cares, right? She’s white and pretty (like Putin).

    Extreme Vetting: Obama’s Half-Brother and Trump’s Debate Guest is a Supporter of Islamic Terror Group Hamas
    Katie Pavlich |Posted: Oct 19, 2016 12:00 PM
    Malik has been an outspoken opponent of the President and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. There’s just one big problem: He’s a supporter of the Iranian backed Islamic terror organization Hamas.
    Marleen says:
    {October 19, 2016 at 5:55 pm}
    In a letter from Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett following the vote, Israel announced it will freeze all professional activities with UNESCO.

    US State Department spokesman Mark Toner also criticized the decision. “We are deeply concerned about these kinds of recurring, politicized resolutions that do nothing to advance constructive results on the ground. And we don’t believe they should be adopted,” Toner said.

    The United States stopped funding UNESCO in 2011 over the organization’s acceptance of a Palestinian bid for full membership.


    The draft decision will go before a full plenary of the UNESCO Executive Board on Tuesday. It will either be adopted unanimously, or be the subject of further debate and a possible vote.
    Marleen says:
    {October 19, 2016 at 10:24 pm}
    “Evangelicals” ?
    Are you really ready to fall for KGB style double-speak?

    Wed. Oct. 19th 5:13:30 PM Eastern –>
    Jason Miller — Trump’s Senior Communications Advisor — quote: People want a change in direction, upwards of seventy-six percent of the people… When the President’s, when the President’s, uh, half-brother, uh, even he, thinks that we need to change in direction, uh, I mean, that tells you what the American public thinks.

    [I’m pretty sure 5:13:30 is 2:13:30 in Nevada, where the third debate and this statement happened.

    I saw this same man, subsequently, saying similar things on various outlets. Still works for Trump.]

  17. This is from the comments section at the third of Jeanne’s links within this thread, the first link in her second post in this thread. It’s important to consider that a person or two or a few who have worked for the CIA could do some things (whether while still in or when out) that should not be used to paint the whole or official CIA — up until now. Now… actually, rather, soon, we have this man Flynn who signals a corruption in Trump world.

    MAJ_Dave says:

    August 25, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Sorry Joel, we’ll have to agree to disagree on the proof of a CIA conspiracy.
    1. Graham Fuller left the CIA in 1988 and 18 years later wrote an endorsement letter for Gulen in 2006. Fuller was obviously interested in Islam giving the books he has written. That does not mean he isn’t a fool for believing what he thinks about Gulen (and apparently still believes in a recent article expressing support).
    2. Sibel Edmonds worked for the FBI for six months as a translator from September 2001 until March 2002. From this she apparently knows about a 9-11 coverup; CIA plots to take over Central Asia; how Gulen came into the country; a $500,000 Turkish bribe to withdrawal support for the Turkish Armenian Genocide resolution; and, NATO planes ferrying Ayman al-Zawahiri to Central Asia and the Balkans (Operation Gladio B). Something just does not add up, but these events sure tickle the ears for those looking for conspiracies.

  18. Btw, General Flynn was a high-profile part of Trump’s campaign… not only an upcoming appointee.

  19. I am so concerned about our country. What a mess is “shaping up” (to the extent there is any “sense” to make of it). Thanks for that link. I’m glad the recording went on to talk about more appointees. While the guests talked about climate change, and I usually focus more on specifics like clean water, public health, etc., they mentioned that one of the secretaries has wanted to sell off public land (for personal/private exploitation). I have suspected that is a direction with which Trump would be comfortable. He has said something along the lines of having little “bits” left (like an unimportant indulgence). It is clearly the case that areas with ruined natural lands do have adverse effects on their environments. Still, I don’t know why so many people don’t care about nature even if there wasn’t anything about miserable living conditions in terms of heat and extreme weather.

    Breaking: This story goes back to Turkey (and Trump and Erdogan, but not Flynn as far as I know in this case). [ There’s a short picture touching on the fact Trump broke the Cuban embargo, too, but that’s not what the topic is about. I mention the breaking of the Cuban embargo because I’m stunned “no one” cares. People care, but it’s not “conservatives” (other than a few who were “never Trump” types). I shared the fact with someone who was speaking negatively about Castro (when he died) and the incident with Elian back in the nineties. The response from the person I was talking to was to jump back to the usual hatred of Obama at all times. “Did he do it with Obama?” So stupid. Obama hasn’t broken the embargo. And Trump did it in 1998/99, for example. ]

  21. Donald Trump yesterday cancelled a press conference he had announced a while back that he was going to hold tomorrow to announce how he would eliminate his conflicts of interest (his wording at that time included removing himself “in total” from his business). Like the conference he promised on behalf of his wife (to supposedly show that she moved here legally), this isn’t important in his eyes as far as the interests of this country go after all. Katy Tur of msnbc today said it’s been over a hundred days since he’s had a press conference (very unusual), and that he’s said Twitter is his way to get around facing journalists. In the July conference during the Democratic convention, Trump encouraged Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton, said they probably already had everything, but on second thought that we don’t know who has it, and then welcomed Russia releasing State Department email. Now he says it’s untrue that Russia did any hacking.

  22. Tweets from the president elect caused a crash in the stock values of Boeing and Lockheed-Martin.
    What does it say about the soundness of an economic system that can be manipulated via twitter?

    What does it say about the possibilities open to any President IF he was unscrupulous enough to manipulatively “tweet” (tweak) the stock market to the benefit of his own investments?

  23. Rachel has done informative looks into Exxon over the years, so I was looking forward to something like this video. It’s also a window into what is going on in terms of government almost being passe’. She doesn’t use that word. But that is what I’m seeing as libertarianism (not her topic) is pushed. Bye-bye culture.
    Tillerson history at Exxon one of defying, opposing US interests
    Rachel Maddow reports on Exxon’s history under Rex Tillerson of pursuing business interests that were counter to the interests of the United States in countries like Chad and Iraq. Duration: 16:00


    I haven’t been able, yet, to find a piece of video showing the actual meeting today.

    The lady talking at the start of what I have found is weirdly/naively giddy.

    I’ll describe what I saw. Sitting right next to Trump was someone who has been speaking in his favor a long while, Peter Thiel. Next to Trump, on Trump’s right, was Mike Pence. Directly next to Pence was Sheryl Sandburg (Facebook, large platform for false “news” during the election process). Notably, no one was invited to represent Twitter (and, supposedly, this decision was retributive because Twitter had not agreed during the campaign to create an anti-Hillary emoji). At one end of the long, rectangular conference table were Trump’s three oldest children. And there were many tech business officers. I think of this whole thing, also, in the context of internet oversight recently being turned private. Trump is not the same as U.S. jurisdiction. He buttered’m up.

  25. Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed
    by Michael Moore

    A week has gone by since Donald Trump admitted he’s only been to “two or three” of his daily presidential national security briefings. There have been 36 of them since the day he secured enough electoral college votes to be appointed president next Monday when the Electoral College meets.

    Most would agree the #1 job of the leader of any country is to keep its people safe. There is no more important meeting every day for the President than the one where he learns what the day’s potential threats are to the country. That Trump would find it too cumbersome or too annoying to have to sit through 20 minutes of listening to his top intelligence people tell him who’s trying to kill us today, simply boggles the mind.

  26. We know people have been told not to listen to Rachel Maddow or Michael Moore. But it’s not serving us well to be that way. It’s happened before that God says to those who think they’re on the inside with God that He says the sinner neighbor (or sister) was not as bad as the one who was better but really worse.

    We have seen — those who are looking — that Trump calls people out on things he is doing, has done, or will do. He said Hillary would have to shut down the non-profit foundation because of conflict of interest if she became the president. But he’s not eliminating his profitable interests. He put someone down for taking a tax write off, but he’s taken huge write offs. The list of hypocrisy and double-speak goes on and on. And he made a huge thing out of saying that George Bush was President on 9/11 (when people were saying he “kept us safe” — so, I was fine with him saying that particular thing). But there is a disturbing noticeable pattern. He isn’t consistent on what he says or implies or pretends to be like and what he follows through on.

    Quote from above: We had a president like him before. He, too, lost the popular vote… On August 6, 2001, he was on a month-long vacation at his ranch in Texas. That morning, the White House Counsel handed him his daily national security briefing. He glanced at it, set it aside and then went fishing for the rest of the day. Below [above] is the photo of that moment which I showed the world in “Fahrenheit 9/11”. The headline on the security briefing reads: BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE INSIDE U.S. On the top page it tells how bin Laden will do this: with planes. George W. Bush didn’t leave the ranch to go back to work for the next four weeks. In the fifth week, bin Laden attacked the US with planes on September 11th.

    I don’t think George W. Bush made his huge mistake “on purpose” as I see Donald Trump purposely doing unethical things at this time. Also, I see Trump as having “bigger moves” on his mind than did Bush. And then, it is harder to see Bush’s push into war as not being on purpose. But I still think Trump sees that as tiddly winks compared to what is on his mind. Or so much wasted effort that didn’t profit George W.

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