Life Changing Experiences (part V)

When everything you knew seems wrong (mostly)


Back on track – but not the same one.

I thought the fifteen years of spiritual crisis had rid me of the effects of appealing but dangerous teachings, but I was to find out that persistent diligence is required. That complacency is a dangerous attitude to adopt.

I re-entered the Christian world thinking I could pick up where I’d left off. Even though I quickly found that I could no longer accept teachings I’d so avidly followed in the past. Some things weren’t easy to put aside because they’d been such an integral part of what I “knew” to be Christian normality, but later were found to be the effects of questionable religious tradition.

The most recent phase includes a lot of ground I’ve gone over before on this blog, so I won’t go through it all again. But it includes experience in vastly different churches where Gloria and I saw extremes ranging between charismania (where the pastor boasted of an appearance of gold dust in the church) and a devoted adherence to Calvinism.

The journey over the past 15 years hasn’t been easy, but it’s been enlightening, giving me insight into the corrosive effects that traditions of various types from various eras have had on the church. The lessons I’ve learned present me with two significant options 1) to push aside any concerns and go with the flow: basically what I did in my younger Christian days, or 2) take those concerns seriously and try to address them no matter what the personal cost. As sanctimonious as that may sound, I’ve learned that the cost of going with the flow can be far worse in the long run.

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