President Trump?

At the time of writing, it’s looking as if American “evangelicals” might get their preferred president.
Trump is reportedly doing better than expected and things aren’t looking too promising for Clinton.
Putting the best spin possible on the situation, maybe a Trump presidency will be a sign of God’s mercy, showing “evangelicals” the error of their ways by giving them the candidate they wanted, making them suffer the consequences and thereby giving them the opportunity to repent.
A Clinton Presidency would merely entrench them more deeply into the continued hatred they showed towards Obama.
 Without  a significant shake-up , followed by repentance, American evangelicals have shown themselves to be prime candidates to be seduced by the antichrist when he eventually appears on the political and religious stage.

13 thoughts on “President Trump?

  1. Hi, Tim:

    Yes, I’m finding things deeply disturbing, in the moral sense. That so many of my fellow citizens: especially, as you say, so many of my fellow CHRISTIANS: willfully choose evil.

    But as you also say, and we’ve both been sensing from God in the past few weeks, the deepening darkness He’s letting America plunge into is a cause for renewed hope. No doubt He’ll use it to bring many Christians to repentance. I strongly sense He’s preparing to FREE many Christians from the enslavement they’ve so long embraced.

    Blessings, brother !

  2. Steve, many American “Christians” have made an idol of their nation.

    At the appropriate time God tears down idols.

    Maybe that time has arrived.

  3. Amen ! Nationalistic idolatry is EXACTLY what “Christian patriotism” has…not “become,” but…always been. We’re beginning today to reap the bitter fruit of that godlessness.

    I feel strongly assured…every place, and every way, I hear God…that He is preparing honest Christians in America to re-think (which is what “repent” means) their godless ways, and turn back to Him. That He is beginning to “tear down” that idol in those who love Him.

    And that HE will be glorified in America’s disaster.

    So I think we have an opportunity to glorify Him even more now: that our Hope will make Himself even more manifest, and the Light even brighter in the more profound darkness.

    Amen ! Praise God !!

    blessings, Steve

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I was losing hope of finding anyone who had doubts about Trump. I am not American but my mind is troubled and my spirit disturbed by the seeming adoration of such a man, and the belief that he is God’s Man and the answer to America’s problems. I am now wondering what is next, and in one sense knowing what it will be, but you are right, this is America’s decision time.

  5. Americans may have made an idol of our nation, particularly Christians thinking the nation is like Israel. But they have, at the same time, hated our nation. A nation has laws and traditions (while not everything can be spelled out in legal writing, we understand what is decent and honest and we have a conversation of precedent). We have abandoned order and respect for the love of money. Rich people, people tossing money around like water, are God above all. That is what is behind the push against government (regulations and taxes).* For impunity and privatization. And that is what is behind electing this horrible man and his honey trap.

    * As we’ve discussed, constant harping on small government — and taxes as evil, although no government can run without the functions being carried out by people who need to be paid (and supported in their work). Until you lose what you wanted your government to do for you, enforce laws and uphold the Constitution.

  6. Hi Tricia, I’m not American either. I am a British born Australian, but as the all day TV coverage here in Australia shows, the world can’t escape what goes on in America. As a follower of Jesus my main concern is not who becomes President, my concern is which candidate gets “evangelical Christian” support and why – and then MORE importantly, HOW is that support expressed.

    As with the last 8 years of “evangelical” Obama hatred, the campaign by “Christians” against Clinton (and therefore FOR Trump) has been through lies, innuendo and outright deception. If you’ve seen my other posts on this topic, you would have seen my distress regarding a respected American bible teacher and his recent blog posts; in particular his condoning/promoting of an anti-Clinton video that promotes outright lies in order to endorse Trump.

    If you didn’t see my post about that video here’s the link:

  7. A couple things…

    McCain lost in what was called a landslide in 2008,
    but he got about two million more votes than Trump has won with.
    Hillary got slightly more of the popular vote this time than Trump, but has lost.

    I know your concern isn’t so much exactly who gets elected, but why (particularly as pertains to Christians).

    But I don’t think it’s so much about Americans idolizing the government. And even if it is, it doesn’t matter that those words are used to describe the matter. How do you explain the American pastor you referred to — himself –complaining that Americans [or, to him, he might not call them “real”americans because he’s bought into the hate and derision that the “right” points at others] idolize or worship the government? And he does this while decrying what the right has argued in favor of for decades — private control.

  8. Hi Marleen, I wouldn’t say that Americans idolise the Government, but as one quarantined outside of America, the idolisation of America itself and the patriotic myth built around it, has been clear for years, and politicians who convincingly utilise that myth give themselves an advantage in elections.

    Sadly “evangelicals” have been seduced by that, extending the myth to embrace a claimed Christian heritage.

    A regaining of that mythical lost “Christian heritage” seems to be behind so much “evangelical” involvement in politics.

  9. The Christian myth here, yes, is part of feeling as if America or at least the U.S.A. is like Israel. And no surprise, the Church itself thinks it is a replacement for Israel. Yeah, that’s a form of idolatry… almost, anyway. (I mean, it’s at least really close but I’m not sure if it’s identical — it might be identical enough). By the way, there are people here (many, many, probably most) who connect it to European history (or whiteness and Christian dominance, not only this country — and there were people both liking Trump’s campaign and in his campaign who talked that way). But how do the religious people (or political, religiously-correct) then want to proceed? They say they love our country, but then they hate it. The Constitution established our government/nation. Now, Randles wants the government to watch over the Internet. But there was no Internet at the time of the Declaration of Independence — and it hadn’t developed by the time the Constitution was ratified either. Nevertheless, his desire makes sense (outside of the liberal/conservative argumentation and his accusations). But it conflicts with what “conservatives” have been arguing for and making accusations over for decades. I think pastors… well… and Christians in general, at least the white or Republican ones, don’t see themselves as needing to think straight with rigor. But they should have to (should want to) actually think before throwing around accusatory statements.

    Privatise? Smaller government? What?

    They either play dumb or are…

    Or… they know what the hell they’re doing.

    We live in an evil world, and religious people aren’t exempt.

  10. “We live in an evil world, and religious people aren’t exempt.”

    I’d very much agree, Marleen.

    The most utterly GRIEVOUS thing I think we see today (not in this election only) is Christians unable to simply distinguish good from evil, thinking and acting righteously from wrong-doing.

    Since that discernment is central to everything Christ said and did, and who we therefore ARE in this evil world, it seems the greatest possible failure of “Christianity.” What value at all is a “faith” that can’t tell good from evil ?
    “It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men” (Matthew 5:13).

    blessings to all here ! Steve

  11. On the matter of Christians’ moral choices:

    I don’t think we can cal it a “law”…though it may be, if it’s true of more than just this one election.

    But at least in this one American presidential election: it seems that those who embraced the unChristian principle of “moral relativism”…who voted for “the lesser of two evils” (as I heard many Christians say they did, in voting for both Clinton and Trump), to justify their choosing evil…have proved the deception of that principle. Voting for “the lesser of two evils” has very clearly elected the worse of two evils.

    blessings to all here ! in Jesus, Steve

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