“Junking Beliefs”and Defaming the Lord’s Name.

…blame surely attaches to the Americans who let Trump keep up the bullying and the bigotry and voted for him anyway. There is no escaping the fact that north of 40% of the US electorate have been prepared to vote for Trump despite everything that he has said and done. One poll found 22% of Trump’s own supporters believed he would start a nuclear war. They thought that, but were prepared to vote for him anyway. None of them will be able to say: “We didn’t know.”

Notable among that group are Christian evangelical voters, people who used to say that character mattered, that the personal conduct of a candidate was crucial. Five years ago, only 30% of white evangelicals believed that a person guilty of “immoral” personal behaviour could behave ethically in a public role. Now that figure stands at 72%, a remarkably rapid shift. It means people of supposedly deep moral convictions have been prepared to junk those beliefs just to accommodate Trump


A sickening example of “evangelical Christian” politics.


Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God, because the Lord will not leave anyone unpunished who misuses His name.  (Exodus 20)


One thought on ““Junking Beliefs”and Defaming the Lord’s Name.

  1. Evangelical means that more people are joining from outside all the time. What is the quality then? Of course, there is also turnover. Some people pass away. (And that’s not to mention disillusioned people who have seen what they’ve seen and who become agnostic, for a time anyway.) We are reaping the outcome of poor church heritage. Many of the people who have taken their faith seriously are no longer in congregations that may have been called evangelical because we could see the wrong turns, could feel something was off. Also, as I said in the context of leaders who are corrupt and called evangelical, evangelical is a club that makes excuses for its members; applies to the rank and file membership too (or even hangers-on). It can be similar to a celebrity going for rehab (as a show for a turning point in public opinion). Go make a show of joining a church (or even just going up to the altar of the one you’re already in). I know of a man who was a paedophile (is dead now) and changed states along with joining a church in Texas after being found out. But his heart was not changed. He still felt (or acted) entitled. The machinery, around him, helped him to ignore who he really was except to deflect the true perceptions others had of him. In this way, he was able to find a new wife and have more children and go on unscathed. What crum-bum wouldn’t cheer that? It worked for him. It works for them.

    He wouldn’t look like a “crum-bum” (as I put it) to the usual health and wealth Christian (aka evangelical, or prosperity for ticky-mark moral stance believers). He had a high-paying job, an engineering degree, was against homos, was non-accepting of his lesbian daughter, would have toted the party line on abortion. And the (past) family he neglected was back in a different state, out of the site and mind of his church. Why should they care? What matters is jumping and dancing and singing on Sunday and at the bank (etc.) and in all the places you can get a pat on the back in your own daily life.

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