Chinese Communist Party crackdown on Christianity

Correspondents Report By China correspondent Matthew Carney

China’s governing Communist Party is set to launch a nationwide crackdown on Christianity. Correspondent Matthew Carney travels through the country and speaks to churchgoers who are worried they could soon be arrested.

The Communist Party has just enacted much tougher laws that criminalise Christians if they do not pledge loyalty to the state.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned that all religions now have to become “Chinese” and the new laws will attempt to bring churchgoers and their leaders under party control.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Communist Party crackdown on Christianity

  1. This is not a surprising development. Nor does it take God by surprise. Perhaps He is laying the groundwork an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in China these last days. He is moving in other totalitarian regimes as well (e.g., Iran, where amazing things are happening). We should pray, “Let the spirit of Jesus move them and conquer them.”

    I pray that the work of martyrs such as John and Betty Stam will result in a great harvest in that land.

  2. From reports I’ve read for years, the church in China has grown and thrived under the ongoing persecution. It seems things became a little easier for them for a short time, but after that brief period of relative acceptance, the hard line is returning and Christians are being put under increasing pressure again.

    The thing about persecution is that it helps to refine the church. It takes commitment to Jesus to be willing to stand for Him when doing so brings hardship, imprisonment or even death.
    That is a good reason for the growing Christian faith in China. They’re less likely to have a half-hearted faith where their witness is compromised.

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