There’s No Place Like Home. Except …

It’s not often that I find a day at work preferable to staying at home, but today is one of those rare times.

About three weeks ago I wrote about our ongoing home renovations. At that time we’d been reduced to bathing in a child’s paddling pool while the bathroom was being removed and replaced.

Not long after posting that report, we regained our shower and put the hot-pink pool behind us. Apart from some minor touches the bathroom is complete and we’re ready for the next stage of building.
But that’s not yet our planned laundry changes. We’re still waiting for the new cupboards. Instead we have other work starting today – the replacement of the ceiling throughout our open-plan lounge-kitchen-dining rooms.

Several years ago we found our ceiling had begun to sag significantly. A handy-man friend helped us out by pushing it back and fixing it into its rightful place. All we needed to do after his repairs job was repaint it to cover the filled in screw holes.

We kept putting it off.

When the builder came to quote on our bathroom Gloria thought it would be a good opportunity to get someone to do the long neglected painting.


When the painter saw the job he wasn’t happy with the condition of the ceiling and in consultation with our builder it was suggested that the only solution was to replace the whole thing.
And THAT is what’s happening today.

On the weekend we had to empty the three areas of furniture, cramming everything into other rooms and leaving ourselves very little living space for the duration of the work. Fortunately the worst part, the ceiling removal and the first stage of its replacement should only take one day, and then the finishing of the new surface ought to take another day at the most.
I left Gloria at home this morning just as the builders were arriving. It’s now three hours later and I’ve had the first progress report.
The ceiling came down with unexpected ease. Apart from the screws our handyman friend had used there was very little holding it up, so hopefully the job will take less time than anticipated. The messy work will be over when I get home this evening and we should be able to get things back to “normal” in a day or two.

Sadly the work hasn’t exposed any interesting “archaeological” finds; no hidden artefacts left behind by previous owners of the house, just a few mummified rodent corpses.

2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home. Except …

  1. When we moved in where we are, we found a few things… a couple of plates, with what I guess is Arabic writing, up in a hidden spot with recessed lighting near the ceiling in the master bathroom (only found it because I was putting a decoration on a wall near there and looking around) and a Koran in a kitchen drawer. We gave the items back to the people as they visited the neighborhood a few times after they moved out. These previous owners also had an extra hose with a sprayer on the end next to each toilet. We had the one on the main floor taken out before we moved in, just looked too weird to me. One of those (master bathroom again) broke a connection recently and dumped (clean) water all over the floor upstairs… which then leaked down through the ceiling in the family room and bubbled off the paint in a couple largish areas.

    We have other ceilings that need to be redone too. Some due to surprise leaks in the roof, and some because there is an eighties popcorn finish on them. I’m not looking forward to having to move or cover things to protect them from all the mess and paint (and hope covering the banister on the stairs will really protect it), but we’re not in a hurry anyway. Water matters were one of my main categories of concern when we inspected this place (would be anywhere because water can be a real problem — while I also love water). We have two skylights in the family room, haven’t had any leaks there. We tested all the faucets and found the pressure was set too low and that the kitchen faucet wasn’t fully connected (no idea how they lived with it), so that got corrected before we moved in. I hope everything has dried in between the two floors.

  2. HI Marleen,
    The work that introduced us to our very good builder was a leaky roof at the back of the house (the room is an extension to the original house). It only leaked in winter after severe frost and never after rain, and it damaged the ceiling after a few years. It was something to do with condensation under the metal of the roof. Our builders fixed it, but we have to wait until we’ve had a few heavier frosts to confirm we no longer have a problem.

    It seems like the ceiling in the rest of the house had been installed with only a few sparse applications of glue. After almost 40 years the glue failed. I suspect we might have to look at other rooms, but not until we get over the shock of paying for all the work that’s currently being done. For some reason this year we’ve been getting around to all of the things we’ve intended to get fixed ever since we moved into the house. Prior to the bathroom we had our ducted air-conditioning replaced.

    We did have other non-essential work planned but that might have to be abandoned. We have two large, bulky, black bookcases in one of our rooms. We didn’t realise they were fixtures when we bought the place. Unfortunately they aren’t very well-positioned, and better designed shelving would have housed more books than these two do. I would have liked to get them removed and replaced with something more efficient, but can no longer afford it.

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