Alphabet Soup on the Menu?

It seems impossible to go through life today without coming across that ever increasing chain of initials LGBTQI ETC.; coined to represent a multiplication of sexual/gender identities.

alphabet soup

Increasingly, such “identities” are being accepted into main stream society and those who have a problem with this are portrayed as narrow-minded, behind the times, bigots or that favoured misnomer “homophobes”, which narrows down objections to being fear centred  and rejecting other possible motivation for people’s concerns.

Laws are being changed to accommodate, and school curricula are being redrawn to educate upcoming generations about the normalcy and acceptability of a variety of e sexual/gender alternatives. In Australia this recently included a school’s program introduced under the name of an anti-bullying campaign, and around the western world the traditional understanding of marriage is being redefined.

tardisPopular entertainment has also joined in – even family and children’s programming include homosexual relationships as an acceptable part of society. Doctor Who, a show I grew up with from it’s very first episodes in the early 60s, in its latest incarnation has featured same sex marriage as nothing out of the ordinary. Recently I saw an article suggesting that a sequel to Disney’s Frozen should include its main female character, Elsa, finding love with another woman, and even more recently it’s been suggested that characters in a current Disney cartoon are a same sex couple.

As a Christian living in a secular society I see this issue presents some significant difficulties.

There is the reality of violence directed against homosexuals that can’t in any way be condoned. I recall witnessing a bashing a few decades ago, of a homosexual man in a popular pub. The perpetrators were allegedly off-duty policemen. While I couldn’t verify that allegation, the men had unusually short hair for the fashion of the times, so their appearance added to that perception. Nothing can justify or excuse that kind of violence against anyone.
There is also the issue of the confusion and trauma experienced by those with a same sex attraction as they wrestle with society’s historical hostility and also with their own conscience. Sadly this struggle has sometimes ended in suicide.

The church has often been seen as a primary contributor to that state of mind, bringing condemnation upon people for having feelings that are generally beyond their control. Making homosexuality an easy target, while they brush aside some of their own attitudes and practices that are given more biblical pages of condemnation than homosexuality is given. (Why should greed, heterosexual lust and exploitation of the vulnerable be more tolerable?)

So, there is the question of how Christians OUGHT to respond to the increasing influence and acceptance of the diverse sexual and gender identities within western society, while staying true to the God they profess to follow. Should we merely go with the flow, recognising a need to keep up with the times and changing cultural values? That seems to be the expectation of secular society: that the church needs to change and adapt or die.

Or should we assume that God’s standards aren’t influenced by man’s fickle philosophies and that church survival isn’t dependant on following them?

Jesus said that the gates of hades wouldn’t prevail against His church. While many assume that statement refers to the forces of the devil not prevailing against the church, it should be recognised that hades (or hell) is NEVER referred to in scripture as the domain or kingdom of Satan or demons. cemeteryInstead the term is a reference to the grave, the equivalent of the Hebrew Sheol. Therefore Jesus’ statement is an assurance that His church will not die out, will not be overcome by death – no matter how far the world’s standards deviate from the Godly standards upheld by His true church. So there’s no need for the church to sway with the breeze, following every fad of an increasingly secular world in the hope of surviving.

Instead of following the world’s standards of acceptability, disciples of Jesus should be following HIM, even when that puts us at odds with the world; something that WILL increasingly happen, the further the world’s values move away from God’s.

So how should Christians respond? How do we take into account and act in accordance with God’s standards as revealed through scripture?

1) Recognise that God is the Creator and the one who determines what is right or wrong within His creation. Man’s opinion changes nothing except on an individual level where a person’s choices determine where they stand with God. Are they with Him, submitting to His ways, or are they against Him, choosing something else in place of Him?
2) Be aware that God sees homosexual acts as detestable, leaving no room for legitimacy. Such acts are also described in scripture as shameful and vile passions.
3) Know that men are men, women are women, boys are boys, girls are girls – determined by biology and not by personal choice, desire or whim. Man’s relativist philosophies might allow alternative choices, but God’s standard of truth doesn’t.
4) There is a difference between same sex attraction and homosexual acts, just as there is a difference between heterosexual attraction and illicit sexual activity between male and female. We can’t choose who we’ll be attracted to, but we can choose how we respond to that attraction. No one should be judged or condemned for the kind of temptations they face.
5) We are not entitled to respond to homosexual individuals or communities with hatred, aggression or violence of any kind – including verbal. The “God hates fags” brigade is NOT a valid representation of God and His Gospel.
6) Homosexual acts should not be singled out above other sins – it is far too easy to see our own sin as being more forgivable than sin we are not personally involved with.
7) Taking and expressing a biblically sound stance on the issue of homosexuality will increasingly lead to the Christian being marginalised and vilified. Ironically, the more acceptance of the LGBT agenda grows, the less acceptance there will be of those standing for God’s agenda.
8) God desires repentance from ALL. He desires that ALL will be saved. He excludes no individual from His gift of salvation; but we can exclude ourselves by ignoring or refusing His gift. We can exclude ourselves by making the world and secular society our standard of truth.

12 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup on the Menu?

  1. Oy. I happen to like soup, so at first the picture you included made me hungry… although plain alphabet soup (like Campbell’s) has never been a favorite of mine. Something like a homemade chicken soup with added alphabet pasta, though, could be good. But my appetite, in regard to the picture, is gone.

    Okay, now I’ll read the rest…

    I agree with not making the world our standard, in a/some way(s) at least. I mean I get the idea. And, like I said, I agree. However, we have to observe reality. And I think that is how we get to the conclusion that we shouldn’t be hateful toward homosexual people or homosexual communities as a general concept.

    Additionally, I have at least a couple other considerations. For one, I am not in favor of sex reassignment surgery — for adults, for children, or at birth either. Apparently it has been accepted at birth for a while now (probably called something like assignment surgery, as it doesn’t show up on the birth certificates, although I haven’t looked up the terminology today*), like for decades (maybe a century). It can be classified as torture.

    The second consideration I will bring up now is very much along the line of something you already brought up, but also has other dimensions involved. This (video in several segments) is from Friday (U.S.), but I just saw it Tuesday night:

    Here is the site:

    * {I’ve now done some looking today (have researched before as well, when I learned the term intersexual — not the same as transexual); one term used is “normalisation” surgery (for instance at birth). I also found this:

    This too: “The Iranian government’s response to homosexuality is to endorse, and fully pay for, sex reassignment surgery.[45] The leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa declaring sex reassignment surgery permissible for “diagnosed transsexuals”.[45] Eshaghian’s documentary, Be Like Others, chronicles a number of stories of Iranian gay men who feel transitioning is the only way to avoid further persecution, jail, and/or execution.[45] The head of Iran’s main transsexual organization, Maryam Khatoon Molkara—who convinced Khomeini to issue the fatwa on transsexuality—confirmed that some people who undergo operations are gay rather than transsexual.[46]

    Thailand is the country that performs the most sex reassignment surgeries, followed by Iran.[46]
    [There are a bunch of links from within that above text.]

    I remember Ahmadinejad saying there “are no” homosexuals in Iran.}

    P.S. I haven’t figured out yet why the inclusion of “Q.” I mean, I do know what it stands for.

  2. On the topic of popular culture and children’s movies, I noticed when I was raising my children (so, like twenty years ago) that G and PG movies were pretty much precisely what I didn’t want to patronize because they had subtle jokes that were off kilter. I felt that subliminal messages making light of I’ll say Queer behavior (or innuendo about behavior) in the context of the zany main story lines (or behavior that was seen as entertaining or fun) would distort thinking. I shared this with a Catholic mother at a soccer game one day (she comforted in being an upstanding or comfortable part of an organization that tells its members it is approved to go to movies based on these ratings). She said kids have to be able to go to something.

    On the topic of [additional] sin that isn’t in certain categories, this (video) was fascinating last night:


    I want to share this step in a process. This woman who refused to do her job and told everyone in her office not to process marriage licenses for anyone — because of her personal pick of what matters — has asked, in a legal move, to let it all go (ostensibly). It might be okay to let it go, but I hope there’s not then a comeback — not something brought up in the article — to charge that she was (as a theoretical example) illegally imprisoned or something. Your government job isn’t your religion or your place to sort out your hypocrisy at the expense of others. But you can see the intent of people who had been denied licenses is to allow her to let it go.

  4. Marleen, that was an interesting point made at one of those links about self hatred.

    I wanted to mention in my article how the Orlando gunman has reportedly frequented the gay club as a patron and that the clash of desire and guilt could have been a motivating factor in his murderous rampage. There were also reports that the sole surviving terrorist from the Paris attacks had also frequented gay bars. Both of them claimed some kind of allegiance to extremist Islam as a motivation for their murder.
    Consider this: the religion of the extremists guarantees a path direct to paradise for martyrdom. What better way for someone consumed by guilt to eradicate the penalty for their sin than the alleged path of martyrdom?

    Of course the better (the True) way is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ, a way that doesn’t require a path of murder and suicide.

  5. My God; to approach even a moment of empathy is terribly painful and…
    I was going to say confusing, but I can’t even make enough sense of it to be confused per se.

    I usually, when confused, try to untangle the parts and move forward with success in that. I’m not sure how one would find the ends of the parts to even begin a process without some kind of solid background. Sadly, the Orlando killer’s dad didn’t seem very personable. Of course, we don’t know what the rest of the killer’s life was like. I really respect the guy (in England) who could look at how he was thinking and choose to care enough to change. Even while it seems he must have had a bit of positive community, he had to decide he cared.

  6. I should mention. I haven’t seen “Frozen” and don’t know if it has any unseemly aspects. Also, I have seen culture watchers get worked up about things that don’t seem to me to be “gay.” (I’m letting you in on this because you sounded like you hadn’t seen the shows concerned.) Additionally, I want to share that when I noticed little odd things in, say, a PG movie, I didn’t call it to my children’s attention or make a big deal of it. I just learned that these movies weren’t safer and tailored my own behavior accordingly. It might have helped that I didn’t go to a lot of movies when I was a child, so I knew it wasn’t something that would amount to some real lack.

    I did carefully pick some choice items, though, and buy the videos. “A Mouse’s Tale,” a few of the old version “Winnie the Pooh” stories, I don’t recall what all. My interests to allow were paired down more by the fact I wouldn’t accept anything with magic in it. I actually personally called a famous, very conservative woman one day decades ago to ask her why she used the concept of magic in her book for teaching reading through phonics. She, like the woman I mentioned above on movies, said something about children “needing” (that which isn’t a need). It can be hard to make tough choices… even though she’s made a name on being tough.

    But she came out relatively early for Trump, so… she confirmed further what I’d come to think of her over the years. At some point (decades ago), she made a statement something like divorced women with alimony are like… now I don’t remember the word she picked (it was very derogatory like welfare queens or prostitutes). So, pretty much anti-female and pro-misogynist. With husbands like Donald Trump, good grief. And worse! Get real. Well, that’s gotten sort of off topic, but I think she’s just made a name for herself. There’s nothing special about “conservative” talkers. Read your Bible, look at reality, think for yourself. I know you agree.

  7. It’s the proposed sequel to Frozen that some people are suggesting should include a same sex relationship. Nothing like that featured in the original 9apart from relationship between sisters).

    This is the best article I’ve been able to find. I’m thinking there’s been some sensationalism with regard to what is happening on this front. As you can see, though, I probably wouldn’t have taken my kids to the upcoming movie (with “magic” crystals). One of the main voices, in American religious culture, saying Frozen IS trying to make his daughter a lesbian has also said Harry Potter (and some other franchise I don’t remember) is like the Greek gymnasium (with gay undertones or activity, or reveal after ill-gotten trust has been reached… even dependence gained in the setting of a boarding school especially — which can be related to England too historically, no need to go all the way back to Greece necessarily). I think he has (maybe accidentally) a stronger case there. But that’s not to say, considering now that there will be an unhealthy addiction to magical concepts fostered, that there couldn’t be a longer term turn or plan to get around to what is feared after all.

    I found this article with a search after it occurred to me that a parent (or teacher) assigning research into computer or code geniuses or inventions would be risking running into topics of homosexuality or of hormone sentences. (I learned of Turing’s plight a few years ago because of a book in which it was shared that he warned against too much enthusiasm for artificial intelligence or singularity.)

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