4 thoughts on “Iraqi Freedom

  1. Yes, part of a news article about torture of prisoners was stuck onto the canvas prior to painting. That aspect didn’t quite work as I hoped so the majority of the article was painted over with only hints of being there.

  2. I don’t think that the invasion of Iraq was “inadvertently triggered” – GW Bush was determined to invade. But a lot of things fell together to help him “justify” his invasion. One of those “things” was the discovery that an Australian company had been hired by Iraq to manufacture metal tubing. The Bush regime argued that the tubing could only be used for the kind of nuclear reactor capable of producing weapon’s grade nuclear material. All other authorities disputed that assumption, believing that that tubing was possibly intended to be used as casing for conventional missiles to upgrade Iraq’s crumbling armament stocks.
    While that in itself was concerning, it is far from the dire situation painted by the Bush agenda that they created to give their military aims “legitimacy”.

    I don’t recall what the official Iraqi story was regarding their need for the tubing, but the order wasn’t initially linked to the Hussein regime. I seem to recall the order was placed through a middleman; all of which helped to fuel suspicion, thereby aiding Bush’s agenda.

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