Splish Splash!

Gloria and I finally got around to having our bathroom renovated. Our house was built in the early 1980s and seemed to have the original bathroom, which was both out-dated and in need of repair. Floor tiles were continually coming loose under foot and the wall tiles in the shower seemed to be held on (and together) entirely by the grout between the tiles.

img-607075612-0001We are now in the third week of building work, a period during which we’ve had no plumbed-in bathing facilities. Our way of overcoming that inconvenience involves a small plastic paddling pool (hot pink) and several buckets of warm-hot water. We bought the pool at the last minute to use as a temporary bathtub. I don’t know how we’d cope without it. The original plan had been to use a camp-shower provided by the builder, but we couldn’t get it working properly.

Ordinarily our simple bathing facilities wouldn’t be very comfortable in the middle of winter , but we’ve been blessed with abnormally warm minimum temperatures throughout these weeks of inconvenience. Usually at this time of year we’d be expecting days of heavy frosts, but so far most mornings have been well above zero (Celsius).
If things go well this week, we should have our bathroom back before the weekend. I’m REALLY looking forward to that first shower.

And then the next renovation stage starts: a total rebuild of our laundry.

4 thoughts on “Splish Splash!

  1. Thanks Marleen,
    We’ve been told we’ll be able to use the shower (carefully) on Friday afternoon. The tiling should have been finished by then, but the glass shower screen won’t be ready for about two weeks. The glass people measured for it today. The screen will basically be a large sheet of thick reinforced glass fixed to the floor and one wall.
    There’s still work to be done on the rest – such as painting and replacement of doors.

    We’ll probably leave our first shower until Saturday morning.

  2. Loved your ‘self portrait’ – one for the next exhibition perhaps..? 🙂

    Has your experience with ‘hot pink’ encouraged or discouraged the use of this colour elsewhere in your home..?

    Trust you will enjoy your first shower..!

  3. We can’t do anything now about the colours of the tiles used for the bathroom – but we’ve got time to change our mind about the colour of the doors we’re replacing. Maybe hot pink doors would make more of a design statement than the white we were intending. 🙂

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