Why are evangelical Christians supporting Donald Trump?

The unholy marriage of “evangelicalism” and the Trump campaign.

From ABC Radio.

A double divorcee who’s boasted about his affairs is almost certain to become the Republican nominee for president. Donald Trump has won with the support of about a third of self-identified evangelical Christians…

Listen to the 11 minute audio here:




5 thoughts on “Why are evangelical Christians supporting Donald Trump?

  1. I think it’s the smoky eyes (Milania’s). I’m of half Eastern European blood, I think I could pull that off — will have to get on it. I’m only partly kidding. I see it as part of a desire of the general population to feel superior, even if vicariously, for white people and those who want to identify with them [with us] as part of the in crowd to hold on. It goes with what was said in the recording. Christianity is a vague sense that God proves your “faith” and dominance by “blessing” you. She may indeed be a blessing to THAT guy (may raise their son to have better morals). But that does not prove the thinking as a rule.

    We’ve heard fringe people say things like we need the right kind of people moving to this country, not the wrong kind. And now they have a loud, public voice who doesn’t apologize… Donald. Milania puts it in a way that sounds nicer. But, if you think about it, she’s just self-absorbed too. In an interview, she said people should come to the country the way she did. She became a supermodel and was successful in Europe (including Western Europe). Then she started coming to America and working here. And she would fly back to Europe every few months or so as required to get her passport or something stamped.

  2. By the way, a major part of his stump speech with fervent followers has been that he is self-funding. But he’s not. His campaign is funded in loan form that can later be repaid by regular donors (the kind he says own those they give to). And now he’s switching the way his funding will happen, has approved a superpac.

  3. I suppose now he’s the only candidate left he can start acting like a real politician and no longer has to distinguish himself from the political establishment.

    I recall a former Australian Prime Minister who prided himself on his working class associations, after losing power started to live the “high life”, stating he didn’t need to pretend anymore.

  4. I heard a funny statement today: “Paul Ryan is now the leader of the republican wing of the Republican party.” Funny in the sense that you can laugh or cry. People who have called Trump terrible things like a false prophet (Rick Perry), etc. and so on, have decided to support him, some enthusiastically. This is who they are.These are the people who have stood for conservative “principles” all these years and decades. They’re nothing.

  5. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4513825/melania-trump-launches-jewelry-line-on-qvc/?#sp=show-clips
    This is an interview on FOX with Melania, including her answering a question about Donald running in 2012.

    Here’s a fairly famous performer (including on Broadway now) who’ll incorporate Melania into her work.

    This is an introduction of “Cartoon Donald.”

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