Blokes’ Exhibition 2016

It’s been over a year since I’ve entered my work into an exhibition, but yesterday I dropped four paintings into the local gallery to be included in their annual “Blokes’ Exhibition”.

2015 was a lazy year during which I did little painting. The only thing I started remains unfinished, but this year I have at last picked up my brushes again. While I have very little new output I wanted to give my support to the “Blokes” in the hope that it continues as a regular event in the gallery. I sorted out some of my older work and added the only painting I’ve done this year.

When I look at what I’ve submitted, I find two of them are appropriately relevant to the feast of Passover. The one in the illustration is called Passover and was the first of my paintings that I was really happy with, it gave me confidence that I wasn’t wasting time (and paint) in trying to be an artist.


The following painting is another old one I’ve entered, called Redemption.
Not illustrated in the photo is the basic frame that I made for it that I think has improved it considerably.

With this one I won first prize in the mixed media category at the agricultural show a few years ago. [Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but it was the only entry in that category].

At the time of posting this I don’t have photos of the other two paintings. I might get the chance to take some at the gallery on the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Blokes’ Exhibition 2016

  1. Hi Marleen, I was surprised how many paintings there are in the exhibition. The gallery space is quite small, about the dimensions of a medium sized lounge room in an average house, but they managed to get everything in.

    I was happy wit the positioning of three of mine, but the fourth (my only recent painting) was rested on a stand near the floor. I can understand the difficulty they must have had trying to display it, because it wouldn’t have fitted alongside anything else. It would be the least “decorative” painting on display, and is quite pointed political.

    I’ll post a photo after I’ve been able to take one, but as a clue to the difficulties it posed to those organising the exhibition, its title is “Iraqi Freedom” and makes reference to “Shock” and “Awe” and uses a familiar Abu Ghraib image, all presented on a background of a partial stars and stripes.

    It’s intended to be the first in a series and also a continuation of my use of flag images in some of my paintings.

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