What Colour is Oscar?

oscar-statuettesIt’s been many years since I took any interest in the Oscars. At one time I wouldn’t miss the TV broadcast of the awards and I’d do everything I could to make sure I didn’t hear any results before I saw it.
The broadcast in Australia was always delayed so it could be screened in prime time.
But as I said, that was long ago. These day’s I wouldn’t recognise the titles of most the films nominated.

The segment of the awards that kept my interest longest was the tribute to those who’d died during the year, where there could often be more surprises than in the announcement of the winners.
This year, in the lead up to an awards show that I won’t be watching, I couldn’t help being made aware of the controversy regarding the lack of African Americans among those nominated.

It seems there will be some boycotts.

As I said, I no longer take much of an interest in the awards themselves, but the threatened boycott raises one or two issues about race. Maybe it’s time to divide the nominations equally, so out of the standard five nominees for each category there should be one white nomination, one black nomination, one Hispanic, one Asian and one gay.*

Maybe it’s the only way to ensure all appearances of prejudice are avoided.
But then again, maybe it would be nice if race and colour played NO part at all – that ALL could consider others AND THEMSELVES as actors, directors etc., instead of actors/directors of a particular race or colour, and an Oscar category can be populated entirely with “white” names – or entirely with “black” names without leading to claims of racism.
And if only that same attitude could be seen across all sections of the community…

But maybe that’s expecting far too much in a world where racism clearly remains a serious problem, and where some sections of the community can continually be referred to (even by themselves) as “minorities”.


* Just to be sure that no one misunderstands. That comment was not intended to be taken seriously. However, despite the intentional flippancy, it can’t be denied that a similar approach is often taken in the casting of TV shows in the US.

2 thoughts on “What Colour is Oscar?

  1. Yeah, I’d probably have more to say if I’d seen all the movies. I hear there’s one movie for which a black male actor really should have been nominated. But I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know. I do feel like the nominations don’t always get things close to right. They’ll nominate and pick somebody years later for something not so great because that person, in hindsight, did something outstanding earlier.

    Theoretically, I agree with you. It should be fine to have, say, five black lead actresses nominated. Did you know there’s an awards show exclusively for Latino or Hispanic people in show business? Interesting, I don’t think African Americans would do that. And… I think it’s still true that there is too much racism and bigotry, so I understand the sensitivity and prodding. I will have to look into these particular nominations.

  2. Yes.
    I’ve seen in the past how actors can be awarded an “Oscar” not so much for the current film, but seemingly for previous work that had missed out.
    In my opinion an example is Russell Crowe winning for Gladiator after missing out for The Insider. I thought his performance in the earlier film had been much stronger.

    And then he missed out on the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind despite winning all of the other major awards for that performance. The winner for Best actor that year was Denzel Washington, and the best actress was Halle Berry. (A year of African American success)

    A bit of personal trivia: Halle Berry’s (English) maternal grandmother was born only 18 miles from my own birthplace.

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