Latest ISIS Recruits in Action (2)

Few things can benefit ISIS more than prominent Western political “celebrities” (hopefuls) helping to increase suspicion and hostility against the average Muslim living in the west.

It helps ISIS cause unrest, leading to potential hatred and increased fear,  in places that the terrorists can’t reach themselves.


The Philadelphia Daily News had a hard-hitting reaction on Tuesday to Donald Trump’s proposal to bar all Muslims immigrants and tourists from entering the US.

The tabloid’s cover directly compared the Trump to Adolf Hitler, using a photo of the Republican presidential front-runner with his arm raised to look like a Nazi salute. The front-page headline further used a “furor” pun to compare Trump to the German Führer.



It seems that Tony Abbott has taken a page out of Donald Trump’s campaign booklet. Last night, in a Sky News interview with Paul Murray, Abbott managed to further alienate an already ailing Muslim community and reinforce white-supremacists everywhere in one fell swoop.
As a self-proclaimed expert on cultural issues, Abbott has used his personal experience as a Catholic, white male to champion the “freedom and tolerance” in “Western” culture and demanded that the “live and let live” Muslims recognise that “all cultures are not equal” and push for a revolutionary “Islamic reformation” from within.


Also see this excellent article:


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  1. I’m having trouble right now with my mobile device holding pages that include advertising. I think I need to close some other windows. Refresh or something. But I did manage to grab this from the article at your last link:
    Human rights are universal and exist today because of an accumulation of philosophy and activism across civilisations. They no more belong to the West than they do to the Iranians for the work of Cyrus the Great in 539 B.C. in freeing the slaves and declaring racial equality and religious freedom in the first ever Human Rights Charter – the Cyrus Cylinder.

  2. Western “civilisation” has no more claim to observing “human rights” than any other “civilisation”. Maybe the main difference is that a Christian influence has instilled an awareness of injustice into Western thought and therefore there’s been a greater tendency to cover up or deny the reality of “human rights” abuses, because of the recognition that the wrong thing is being done.

  3. I’m sure you don’t only mean Trump on that, but he sure is an example. He says he supported Romney last time around, and then he says Romney “let us down.” You know, he’s a “loser.” I wasn’t in favor of Romney, but my point is the Donald’s inconsistency and dishonesty. Did he support him (other than with money, which I don’t know about) during the campaign, or did he not? And if he did support Romney’s ideas, why did he distance himself from them after? And, having then done that, what happened next?

    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well the Trump interview was extremely interesting. He’s extremely good at this. Because he dances and he dekes, and he feints and then he disappears without backing down, When you asked him about, for example, about his critique of the Romney plan, which was self-deportation — which is a lot softer than a forcible deportation, which he’s advocating now, and you said “Well, didn’t you say it was crazy and mean-spirited?” He denied ever having said it was mean-spirited. Well, in fact he did.

    BRET BAIER: Yeah, we’ve got the quote, actually. From 2012, a NewsMax interview. “Republicans didn’t have anything go[ing] for them with respect to Latinos, and with respect to Asians, the Democrats didn’t have a policy for dealing with illegal immigrants. What they did have going for them is they weren’t mean-spirited about it.” He was asked about Romney: “Romney had a crazy policy of self-deportation which was maniacal, it sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote, he lost the Asian vote. He lost everybody who is inspired to come into this country.”

    KRAUTHAMMER: And in one of your questions, you tried to give him a pathway out of this by saying what, you know “Has something changed in the last four years, that would account for your complete about-face? Where were you to the left of Romney, and now are you way to the right of where Romney was, by calling for forced deportation?” ….

  4. This past Sunday (yesterday), Trump in a different interview disregarded facts on a topic he was talking about. He was saying a neighbor knew the terrorists were terrorists. He morphs this story when he feels like it. He has said the neighbor saw all kinds of bomb parts and guns. On Sunday, he said “he” saw bombs “all over the floor of the apartment.” He’s making up a story he wants to believe (or wants others to believe). And he’s forgotten [or is purposely going with a male for his story] it was a “she” who said she saw packages and middle-eastern/Muslim people. She did not say she saw anything in the packages. And she didn’t say she saw bombs in the garage (much less in the apartment itself). I myself get lots of packages. Does that mean that if I had olive skin, or white but wore a headscarf, a neighbor would be remiss in not reporting me?

    The interviewer tried to tell Trump it was a woman, etc. Jake Tapper said, “I think she said she saw Muslim men…” Trump waved this off, insisting there were bombs and this “he” didn’t want to profile.

    On another topic, the interviewer pointed out that Trump is on record against being in Iraq after the decision was already made. He tries to take credit for having been against that war ahead of time. But he wasn’t contributing to the conversation against it ahead of time (if he had even thought about the subject).

  5. In fact, a bunch of packages just now arrived at my door. And one of them looked like a large remote control car. Turns out it’s an electric push lawnmower folded into a box. But no one would know from a distance.

    Good thing no one here wears anything on his head or has other than white skin or was born in an Arab or Muslim place. I do have a neighbor across the street who met his wife in Tunisia, though.

    Maybe my “defense” would be that another of the packages had a book about the apostle Paul and a t-shirt that says “I am N” — the n standing for Nazarene. Smaller, less noticeable box.

  6. Hmm. I also have a neighbor from the Philippines.
    She used to travel to Arab countries to work.

    So there are two women here who got into the U.S. via fiancee visas.

    As I’ve indicated before, the people who owned this house previously were Arab Muslims.

    There are Indian (from India) people in the larger community too. This area (even on my street) is overwhelmingly white, but it is an example of diversity as well. If I were a Trump fan, I guess I’d feel compelled to go watch the houses of these people (and the very few black people). Truth is, there is (and has been) one house I have uncomfortable perceptions about, but it’s not on my street (is a couple streets over) — the inhabitants are all white, seem like two dads who moved in together with their young adult sons or just a few men (and they don’t seem to be homosexual). They don’t keep up the house as well as others here. Well, there is a (white) man down at the end of my street that everyone is distantly unhappy with (who isn’t part of the socializing); he had an affair and brought the woman to live in the house for a while, treating his wife badly. Oh, and I just remembered my new passive-aggressive Chinese neighbor behind my house (her Chinese husband and son seem okay). She doesn’t like that leaves from a tree planted on this side of the fence fall on her side of the fence. Lol. She had a couple branches cut off (not actually in her authority); amazingly (roll eyes), leaves still fall in her yard. But I had a passive-aggressive white (male) neighbor behind me in my previous house.

    It feels weird to start interpreting everything as reasons to be suspicious.

  7. The small country town where I live has quite a large Moslem population and a couple of women (and even girls) wear the full black dress where only the eyes are visible. It was confronting at first, but we’re used to seeing them now. One of the more unusual sights has been a young girl dressed in that way riding her bicycle with friends on the road outside her house.

    Most of the women just wear the scarf around their head.

    My parents who live in a coastal city (4 hours away from me) have Moslems living next door, and that family can’t do enough to help my parents, either with small jobs around the house or with plates of food delivered by their children.

    Several months ago one of our national newspapers ran two days of stories on our town and its high number of Moslems. Sadly the story didn’t let facts get in the way of sensationalism in the first day’s article, but the second day was a bit more restrained.

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