Best / Worst Political System? (addendum)

NO matter what political system is adopted it will always be tainted by the weaknesses of the men and women involved. Occasionally it may work well, but eventually someone will come along to spoil it again: just as Israel (and Judah) had the occasional good King, there were far more who “did evil in the sight of the Lord”.

Sadly professing Christians in the west (especially in America) tend to closely align themselves with a political ideology that hides its corruption under a thin religious veneer.

While we live within this world, while we are affected by its politics and can also see the effects on those around us, we can’t distance ourselves from political matters. But that doesn’t mean we choose and embrace political ideology as if that ideology was God given. Instead we can address individual ISSUES and make a difference to those around us through a Spirit-led response to those issues.


(I wrote the above in the comments section of the previous post, but chose to add it here where it may be less likely to be overlooked by the general blog visitor)


One thought on “Best / Worst Political System? (addendum)

  1. A thin religious veneer I agree.

    Best rather to be led by the Spirit…
    instead of a counterfeit in God’s name.

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