Latest ISIS Recruits in action

Over the weekend there were several violent clashes around Australia, centred on “Reclaim Australia” rallies.

Sadly it seems that false prophet Danny Nalliah, head of Catch the Fire Ministries (and also head of Rise Up Australia, his own political party) has a strong involvement with Reclaim Australia. I’ve seen him on the TV news a few times speaking at their rallies.

Nalliah infamously “prophesied” election results back around 2007. His prophecy failed miserably. He never backed down from his predictions, but blamed Australian Christians for not voting in line with his prediction. Since then he started his own political party, which now seems to be aligned with the Reclaim Australia movement.

Nalliah long ago fell for the apostate mix of politics and religion that is increasingly becoming the face of “christianity”.

ISIS recruitsOn the other side of the equation are anti-racism protestors, some of whom aren’t averse to using violence in their opposition to Reclaim Australia – and RA aren’t averse to violent retaliation.

I’m sure that ISIS must be thrilled with the actions of these unwitting (and witless) recruits.

John Safran made the following observations in an article linked below the quotes.

About half of these Reclaim Australia people are from Catch the Fire Ministry, or their political branch, Rise Up Australia.

Catch The Fire Ministry/Rise Up Australia is not the only gang here supporting Reclaim Australia. I walk away from the ute, deeper into the crowd where big red flags cast shadows. This is the territory of the far-right United Patriots Front. Here are white Australians who look like bikies.

Danny Nallah’s back on the ute. He starts screaming about his love of his brothers in the United Patriot Front. Still, I don’t think this is the mask slipping off a racist self-hating brown man. I think Danny is leveraging secular white Australia’s xenophobia to serve his Christian agenda.

“Turn on the gas!” a leather-clad man shouts at Jewish John Safran.

“Is that a joke?” I ask.

“No, no,” he mumbles, immediately backing down. I’ve met Holocaust deniers before but this is the first Holocaust joke denier I’ve come across.

see article here:

15 thoughts on “Latest ISIS Recruits in action

  1. I just want to suggest people check out what Voice of the Martyrs is doing about refugees right now. As far as governments go, I don’t think we should discriminate as to religion and immigrants (outside of extremist, violent, sentiments; in any religion). But giving to help those discriminated against (for instance, by ISIL) abroad, such as those who don’t convert to Islam under duress and threat, is an individual freedom. Of course, Christians aren’t the only ones oppressed or discriminated against in the places with a lot of “Islamism.”

  2. I agree that governments can’t discriminate with regard to immigration and religion. Most of the victims of these murderous thugs are Moslems, in Iraq and Syria, so the extremism issue is not a matter of us (“Christians” against them “Muslims”). The terrorist mindset is equally present among anti-Muslim protestors who are willing to resort to violence.

    A recent news show on Australian TV indicated that terror threats in Australia are mostly associated with one small of group of men and their associates. Many are already in jail for planned terrorist acts that were discovered before they could be carried out, others are their family members.
    I’m not sure whether this is accessible outside of Australia:

  3. I’m happy to see Christian organizations over there aren’t only helping people who identify as Christian. I’m also glad a number of Jews and others have come out and said it is wrong to try and exclude refugees from entering America or limit them to Christians (after people such as Jeb Bush saying he thinks there must be a way to know who is really Christian) or to start data base lists of Muslim Americans.

  4. There would probably be some who’d see it acceptable if Muslims were required to wear yellow crescents on all of their clothing – (maybe some of the current Republican Presidential candidates would?)

  5. Jeb later backed away from ideas like listing all Muslims. Donald trump fans, though, are very scary. Not sure, yet, how scary Ted Cruz is; he’s been against patriot-act-type surveillance (for “us” anyway). And Ben Carson is sort of random on a number of topics, so there’s no real clarity with him. Of course the Patriot Act itself is debatable within the Republican party, but only applying its ideas to Muslims is wrong.

    How weird is it that Republicans don’t want to keep people on the terrorist watch list with regard to flying from accessing guns (a vote today)? Most of them want the list, and want a person to be stopped from travel. Maybe they would have been fine voting to stop Muslims, any and/or all Muslims, on the terrorist watch list from getting guns (maybe black people too)? Or maybe they know their real hope would look bad.

    I find it strange the same people who stand up for guns and ammunition (unlimited and unrestricted) all the time express shock when a murderer has such weapons stockpiled in their home. In 2008, a conservative court ruled that they say the Constitution means individuals or anyone (other than convicted felons, for instance) can do that with their homes or places of socializing (like private militias).

    Lindsey Graham, though, said today that some “common ground” can probably be found. He would want at least an extra background check step for people on the watch list [rather than automatically stopping those people from buying any any gun(s)]. I would hope we would also add background checks at least for buying large magazines of ammunition as well, for anyone, and straw purchasing.

  6. Those outside America find it hard to understand the American attitude to guns. Clearly no matter how many massacres there are, having easy access to guns seems to be more important than the lives of the 10s of 1000s who are killed each year in American gun violence.

    Widespread gun ownership by the “good guys” doesn’t seem to give the protection against the “bad guys” that gun ownership supporters continually claim it does.

  7. I didn’t state clearly what I meant about straw purchasing. I don’t think there should be background checks for straw purchasing; straw purchasing should not be allowed as legal (should end).

    And gunshow as well as any online loopholes for checking should end. [“Funny,” by the way, that many or most gunshows require attendees not to have loaded guns on the premises.]

    As for the “good guy” thing, I think there’s a make believe world of thinking — that God makes sure good guys win (whether that’s in terms of guns, money, or the U.S.).

    While that’s not a fast truth (so blaming people for being poor, etc. isn’t fair), it may yet be the case that the U.S. would do better if we could come together.

    If it’s bad to have a gun (or sword) — such that carrying one means you’re a (bad guy) fair target — then it’s bad. If it’s not bad for a citizen, then what?

  8. I’ve just read that last Friday a record 185,300+ firearms were sold in the USA on that ONE day.

    I saw on the FOX news Business channel, today, that gun stock (literally, the market) is up today.

  9. Today (I’m speaking from American sunrises and so forth), Ted Cruz talked similarly to one of the lawyers for the family of the terrorism/mental break husband. Ted Cruz, with a mischaracterization of real conversations: “‘Answer? Disarm the American citizens.'” David Chelsey also characterizing people such as the President falsely: “We can’t have an announcement by the President every time there’s an incident like this that we we need to ban all guns.” The President has nit said this, ever. Don’t know for sure where Mr. Chelsey gets false quotations and impressions like that, even as others get them too and originate them. Chelsey went on to also explain he himself has probably “four or five thousand rounds of bullets” at his own home. And he gave reasons why.

  10. What beautiful people. I’m looking at the fourteen who died in California this week, people with big hearts, lovely smiles, and the dedication to be working for the public good. These and the fact that one of them gave his life to shield a co-worker who is now recovering at home makes me cry. He said, “I got you.”

    Another of them was a self-described/identified messianic Jew. His wife says he certainly would have debated and shared his faith with and talked to “anyone who would listen.” Some among us are going to find, going forward, strange avenues of some Christians’ fixation are going to have to be sorted out.–meh.-580014659778
    Go to 11:50 (through the end) on this recording. As it goes to clips of the lawyers for the Farook family, you will first see them speaking during the day. I saw them uncut for about an hour earlier in the day.

    I don’t remember what channel I was watching at that hour. Now, later on in the above recording with clips, you will see the lawyers talking in the evening or night (not sure if it was later on the same date or on a previous one). Beside the fact what is said is somewhat at cross purpose with the other, it’s into conspiracy.

    In the daylight meeting or presser, the one in which the lawyers conveyed (falsely) that the President should stop saying (which in fact he doesn’t say) that we should get rid of all guns, they also were saying the family didn’t know about the stuff in the garage in detail and thus aren’t to be painted with the brush of guilt.

    In addition, in the night time presser, the lawyers were saying that the idea the family didn’t know about the stuff in the garage is sort of proof or maybe grounds that this all might be made up. I say the lawyers, but it was the white guy (not Mohammed) saying the weirdest things. Right wing conspiracy is now a defense?

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  12. I want to share a portion of a recent post by “PL” (who you will know from elsewhere):

    …Unlike the Jews who were taken away under Nazism for no reason but their distinctive ethnic identity, the Muslim demographic includes an embedded threat to life and limb that is very difficult to distinguish from the possibly-innocent population among which it is immersed. Islam’s intrinsic ideology incorporates the demand for conquest (and even murder), more explicitly than even the worst excesses that Christianity ever pursued and has since eschewed; hence the search for the innocent requires identifying those whose Islamic dedication is diluted and mitigated by other values that the Western world developed since the Enlightenment period. Such people are just as much under threat as non-Muslims, but they must pose as dedicated Muslim in order to feel safe even within their own communities. […]

    Number one, I agree with the distinction of the Jews during the time of the Nazis. Second, it is probably true that there are people now who have to portray themselves at least somewhat differently than they would to feel safe in certain environments. Number three, I feel I must disagree somewhat: Naziism is hard to “top.” But it is true that Christianity has overall eschewed that kind of (as well as other) thinking since, and most especially in its place of origin, such as in Germany (sad that Trump recently put Angela Merkel down).

    As for dilution and mitigation, or a measure of realism, yes, that is what we are looking for in most people of religious belief. We don’t want anyone trying impose their millennium or perceived perfection or dominance on others. That includes Christians. I hate to bring it up, but that also includes white extremists of any sort (pagan, Viking, supremacist, put-upon, neo-whatever, the guy who recently shot up a clinic, etc.

  13. I should probably clarify (for those not able to watch the video), it’s not msnbc engaging in double-talk on this. They are presenting a matter of others who aren’t being consistent or fair-minded.

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