Gaps on the Map

Occasionally I check the statistics related to this blog.
One of the more fascinating aspects is seeing how widespread the blog visitors are.

Since I started Onesimus Files with wordpress early in 2012 , the map of the world has slowly been filling.

For a time there was a big gap across Asia until I had my first visitor from China. There have now been 8 visits from China. That’s not many compared to the 23,279 from the US, but there’s no less satisfaction with those 8.

While most of the statistical world map has been covered, there are still countries not represented as blog visitors, mostly in central Asia and central Africa and a few in South America.

The largest land area still unrepresented is Greenland.
world stats

The countries that are part of the gaps on the map include:

In South America – Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay,

In Central Asia – Iraq, Syria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan,

In Africa – Ethiopia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Mauritania.

Looking at the list it seems clear that several of the missing nations in Asia and Africa are affected by similar political/religious conditions.